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    32 Times Celebrities Were Actually Really Damn Funny In Their Instagram Captions

    These captions deserve all the likes they get.

    1. When Scott Disick responded to this tabloid rumour.

    2. And when he was thankful for quality family time.

    3. When Chrissy Teigen gave no fucks about stealing John Legend's photo of Luna.

    4. Or congratulating him on his honorary degree.

    5. And when she was extremely unimpressed with his past fashion choices.

    6. When Blake Lively revealed her ~red carpet~ inspiration.

    7. And when she shared this message for Ryan Reynolds on his first Father's Day.

    8. When Anna Kendrick had no time for being nice.

    9. Or for cute trinkets.

    10. When Kendall Jenner just wanted a day to be normal, goddamnit.

    11. And when she got a glimpse into the future.

    12. When Lorde was literally all of us just trying to go for a walk in peace.

    13. And when Taylor just didn't make the cut.

    14. When Ryan Reynolds wished his brother a happy birthday like this.

    15. And when he sent his best Mother's Day wishes to his mum as well.

    16. When Taylor Swift's cat failed to get the memo about her leg insurance.

    17. And when she was fine with being a walking, dancing song lyric.

    18. When Jade Thirlwall let everyone know who's boss.

    19. And when she was fully prepared on a night out.

    20. When Anna Faris reminisced over baby Jack.

    21. And when she just couldn't nail her selfie face.

    22. When Jessica Simpson couldn't resist this pun.

    23. When Rihanna needed no invitation.

    24. When Katy Perry regretted this decision.

    25. When Victoria Beckham wasn't feeling her best.

    26. But at least her jumpsuit allowed for flexibility.

    27. When Chris Pratt drew inspiration from art.

    28. And when he came up with this completely original and unique pose.

    29. When Kim Kardashian trolled the hell out of her personal assistant.

    30. And the people who accuse her of "never smiling".

    31. And when she embraced her cry face.

    32. And, finally, when Jessica Simpson served up the perfect response to this news story.