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    Updated on Sep 8, 2018. Posted on Sep 3, 2018

    19 Times Celebrities Were Actually Way Funnier On Instagram Than You Thought They'd Be

    Born comedians.

    1. When Blake Lively posted this photo and revealed she was "going for round two" with Ryan Reynolds...

    And he responded with this.

    2. When Jonathan from Queer Eye shared this video of himself doing yoga.

    And his costar Antoni left this comment of approval.

    3. When Millie Bobby Brown shared this photo of herself and her boyfriend.

    And Ariana Grande was relatable AF.

    4. When Isla Fisher was completely stumped for a caption, so just posted the truth.

    5. When Scott Disick's friend and musician, JJ Corsini, shared this photo of their double date alongside the most savage caption about Sofia.

    6. When Blake Lively roasted herself for this outfit.

    7. And when someone told her she should hire a stylist...

    She had an A+ comeback to that as well.

    8. When a troll commented on Tiffany Haddish's photo to tell her that her bathing suit looked "trash."

    And Tiffany came up with this epic clapback.

    9. When Ryan Reynolds met Paul McCartney and this was his reaction.

    10. When Shawn Mendes shared this snap.

    And John Mayer was on hand to roast him for his age.

    11. When Scott Disick revealed that he knows who's boss.

    12. When Chrissy Teigen got real about her look.

    13. And when she tried out a new sling, but was already anticipating mom-shamers.

    14. When Ariana Grande shared this picture of her and Pete Davidson in neon jackets.

    And acknowledged their OTT relationship in the caption.

    15. When a meme account shared this photo of Gwyneth Paltrow alongside a ~dirty~ caption.

    And she showed up in the comments with this.

    16. When Kourtney Kardashian posed up a storm.

    And Khloé Kardashian couldn't help but call her out.

    So Kourtney expertly trolled her right back.

    17. And when Blake trolled Ryan again with this caption...

    So he trolled her right back.

    18. When Kim Kardashian declared that Kourtney was the "least interesting sister to look at," so Kylie showed up with this comment on Kourtney's selfie.

    19. And, finally, when Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson were having one of their usual exchanges.

    And Seth Rogen was literally all of us.

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