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    19 Times Benedict Cumberbatch Has Never Let You Down

    The one man you can rely on.

    1. Benedict Cumberbatch is the one man who, no matter what, is perfect.

    2. This is a man who would never hurt you. He would never let you down. Just look at him for a moment. Soak up the beauty. Appreciate that his one aim in life is to make you happy.

    3. Remember the time when you thought, "Oh, I am really in the mood for looking at Benedict Cumberbatch wearing a pair of glasses that heightens his levels of hotness"? Well, did he let you down?

    4. Remember the time when you just wanted to see him wearing an adorable flat cap? Well, he went out and found the most adorable one he could.

    5. When you wanted him to stare at you, really intensely, he happily obliged.

    6. When all you wanted was to see him wearing an open-collared white shirt, he delivered. Look at him smiling. He knows how happy he's made you.

    7. When you wanted to admire him majestically delivering a brilliant speech, he knew what he had to do.

    8. He did this for you.

    9. Then there was the time when he showed you the scarf he would lovingly wrap around you when you got cold.

    10. And the time when you wondered how he'd look if he branched out into accessories, like, for example, braces and sunglasses.

    11. And of course, he knows how important it is for you to look at him wearing a tuxedo. He just knows.

    12. He also knows that you need to see how he'll nurture the pet cat you'll one day have together.

    13. And of course, you need to see him having a lovely time with your future mother-in-law.

    14. When you wanted to see how insanely godlike he'd look with a bit of facial hair, he grew an actual beard.

    15. When you just wanted a really rough idea, purely for research purposes, of what he might look like while getting undressed, he did it.

    16. Then he took a shower, for your eyes only.

    17. He even went so far as to get into a lake and show you a hint of chest hair.

    18. So thank you, Benedict, for always being there.

    19. For always making us happy. And never letting us down.