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33 Times Celebrity Women Just Didn't Give A Damn

Zero f*cks given.

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1. When Jennifer Lawrence sassed the hell out of Josh Hutcherson because hello, she's the one with an Oscar. 💁

2. And when she didn't care about interrupting his interview to do this.

3. When Tina Fey and Amy Poehler made this perfect dig at Leonardo DiCaprio, because ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

4. And when they just didn't care about putting George Clooney down because his badass wife deserves the attention.

NBC / Dick Clarke Productions / Via
NBC / Dick Clarke Productions / Via

5. When Beyoncé revealed that no one tells her what to do or how to think.

6. And when Lady Gaga was equally reluctant to be passive.

7. While Charli XCX stood up for girls doing whatever the hell they want.

8. And Nicki Minaj encouraged her fans to not give a single fuck about what other people think of them.

9. When Emma Stone began to answer every question about Ryan Gosling like this because surely there's more to talk about than her hot co-star?

10. And Natalie Dormer did the same because she's pretty good at, you know, doing her damn job.

11. When Lady Gaga did not care about her weight and made it clear it was everyone else's problem.

12. While Jennifer Lawrence couldn't have given less of a damn about people who criticise her appearance.

13. And Kelly Clarkson made it clear that she doesn't care about ~opinions~ about her body. In fact, she thinks it's stupid.

14. And Emma Stone outright SAID that looks aren't the only thing that matter.

15. When Kourtney Kardashian was sassy AF as she defended her sister against Kris Humphries' claims.

16. And when Cheryl Fernandez-Versini was equally as sassy when talking about Simon Cowell.

He may be her boss but does she care? No she does not.

17. And when Khloe Kardashian saw the opportunity for a joke and ran with it, because YOLO.

18. When Anna Kendrick revealed that she doesn't really care about being ~showbiz~ on her days off.

19. And when Lorde revealed she also cannot be bothered with ~beauty regimes~.

20. When Nicki Minaj had zero time for douchebags.

21. And when she just got to the point about what she looks for in a man.

Girl's not going to beat around the bush.

22. When Rihanna put this paparazzo firmly in his place.

23. And when Lorde simultaneously put this reporter in his place while shrugging off a question she didn't care to answer.

24. When Taylor Swift came up with this perfectly sassy comeback to anyone who moans about her only writing songs about relationships.

25. And when Miley Cyrus had the perfect IDGAF response to anyone who criticises her sexy performances.

26. When Christina Aguilera didn't care that people call her a "bitch," because actually she's just a goddamn powerful woman.

27. When Marina Diamandis couldn't care less about conforming.

28. When Selena Gomez had the most carefree response to a question about her ex.

29. Which was almost as good as Ariana Grande using this question to plug her album, because who cares about her alleged relationship anyway?

30. When Taylor had this to say to the haters.

31. And Megan Fox didn't really care about them either.

32. When Lady Gaga literally couldn't care less that people see her as arrogant just because she's confident in her work.

33. And, finally, when Nicki Minaj didn't care how she was perceived and decided to talk up her achievements, speaking for all women who aren't given the recognition they deserve.