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This Teen Lip-Synching To Taylor Swift Is All Of Us Lip-Synching To Taylor Swift

As is Taylor's response.

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Hardcore Swiftie, Elizabeth, 15, has filmed a truly amazing video involving her lip-synching to sections of every song on the album, while being driven around.

Elizabeth posted the video on Tumblr, alongside a caption directed at Taylor.

She wrote: "so this is a video of me causally dancing in the car to 1989. it's totally chill. it's causal."

And it wasn't long before Taylor herself saw it and responded to Elizabeth.

Taylor said: "Elizabeth is a rare, exotic sub-species of human that must be protected at all costs."


Needless to say, Elizabeth totally lost her chill when she saw that Taylor had replied and reblogged the post.

She posted this selfie alongside the most OMFG caption you're likely to see today.