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Taylor Swift Shared The Original Lyrics To "Gorgeous" And Nothing Makes Sense To Me Anymore

I'm sorry, this timeline just got confusing AF.

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But just as I was beginning to ~~get a life~~ and ~~move on~~, Taylor went and dropped a new video yesterday, which shows her writing "Gorgeous."

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And that's because Taylor was spotted in Nashville on 18 September 2016, wearing the exact same outfit she wears in the penultimate clip of the video.


In that same clip she nails the song, singing the exact lyrics that made it to the final version. And the next clip shows her in the recording studio, ready to lay the track down. This suggests that it was written and ready to record four weeks before she met Joe.

However, fans who are trying to make sense of this timeline have now developed a new theory, suggesting that Taylor actually met Joe on 3 May at the Met Gala. This was the same night that she met future boyfriend Tom Hiddleston.

And this is where things get a bit messy.

Partly because it suggests that she met them both on the same night, fell in love with Joe, but decided to date Tom for three months anyway – but that's not the most confusing part.


And I'm basing it on the timestamps provided in the video. It opens on "Day one" of the songwriting process. The second clip informs us that it's "two weeks later." And the third – which we know was probably shot on 18 September 2016 – is "one day" after that.


Working backwards, then, two weeks and one day before 18 September puts us at 3 September – three days before they broke up.

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Furthermore, given that she's in the same room for the duration of the video, this would mean she had to be in Nashville when she started writing the song. And we know that she was there at around this time, having appeared for jury service on 29 and 30 August with the same hairstyle in the video as she had in the pictures from jury service.

Now, I KNOW it's possible that there might have been a lag between her splitting with Tom and the news being publicly announced. But if this was the case, then she wouldn't have had a boyfriend at all – so why the lyric?

So, going back to the theory that the song was indeed written while she was still with Tom, then the lyrics must be about him, right?! Well, it turns out that the original lyrics about her "boyfriend" were very different from the final version.

The original lyrics are: "I got a boyfriend / He's older than us / I haven't seen him in a couple of months."

Now, Tom and Taylor's relationship began on 17 June and ended on 6 September. That's roughly three months, right? So, if she hadn't seen him for "a couple of months," that would suggest that Taylor was apart from Tom for two-thirds of their relationship.


And we all know that wasn't the case, because between June and August the pair were together constantly. In fact, within the first month of dating, they were photographed together a staggering 24 times.

In July, however, they not only packed on the PDA at her holiday party, but spent most of the rest of the month together in Australia where Tom was shooting Thor.


But then, even more confusingly, in the final clip of the video – filmed after her split from Tom – the lyrics about the boyfriend she hasn't seen in a couple of months are replaced with the version we get in the final song, which appear to point to Calvin Harris.

The eventual lyrics are: "I got a boyfriend / He's older than us / He's in the club doing I don't know what," which definitely evoke images of DJ Calvin Harris rather than Tom Hiddleston. However, she broke up with Calvin on 1 June – three months before writing the song.

Now, we know that Taylor often jots down ideas for songs as she has them, sometimes over the course of years. "Blank Space" is probably the best example.

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In her Vogue 73 Questions interview, she said it was the quickest song to write because of all the lyrics she'd stored up over months.

So, there is a chance that she had inspiration for songs while she was still with Calvin. However, this would certainly have been before she met Joe, given that she and Calvin split four months before she met him, right?!


In order for this song to be about Joe, then, we have to go back to the unconfirmed theory that she met him at the Met Gala.

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There was, however, just one month between the Met Gala and her split from Calvin meaning the lyrics would have had to have been written in that time, before she got together with Tom two weeks after the breakup from Calvin.

Furthermore, Taylor and Calvin were still very much together during that time – the last sighting of them was 20 May, after they returned from a vacation together. She was also reportedly with him as he recovered from a car accident on 26 May, too.

So, this suggests that if she did originally write lyrics about Calvin, she then changed them to ostensibly be about Tom despite the timeline not quite adding up, before changing them back to point towards Calvin in the final version of the song?


Oh and just quickly, we also got insight into some of the other original lyrics which suggest that the subject of the song is gorgeous inside and out.

Here are the original lyrics, which ended up being replaced: "You're so gorgeous/ And I ain't just talking about your face/ But look at your face/ And I'm so curious, your mind got me feeling some type of way/ But what can I say/ You're gorgeous."

Which is the kind of thing you only learn about a person after spending a bit of time with them, or talking to them a lot, right?

So if these lyrics were about Joe, we again go back to the theory that they met at the Met Gala and spoke a lot between then and October. In other words, for the duration of the tail end of Tayvin and throughout her relationship with Tom. The plot just thickens, tbh.

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A spokesperson for Taylor Swift has been contacted for comment.