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This Makeup Artist Is Accusing Kylie Jenner Of Stealing Her Ideas

Suggestions that Kylie "stole" ideas from Vlada Haggerty began a year ago and resurfaced again after Kylie's Christmas campaign bore a resemblance to an image shared on Vlada's Instagram a month ago.

Kylie Jenner's makeup line has gone from strength to strength since it launched last year.

However, makeup artist Vlada Haggerty is now claiming that Kylie has been "stealing" her ideas in order to promote her cosmetics.

The accusations actually began back in December last year, when Kylie shared this image on her cosmetics Instagram account, leading to speculation that she was releasing a metallic lip kit.

However, the image was actually posted by Vlada 16 months ago – long before Kylie launched her lip kits. The photo also shows the effect of mixing two of Vlada's products to achieve the metallic look.

Vlada then shared this screenshot of an article suggesting that the image belonged to Kylie Cosmetics, with a caption describing the situation as "insanity".

Once people began to notice that the image wasn't Kylie's, the caption was edited to include "inspo by @vladamua." Shortly afterwards it was deleted from the page altogether.

At the time, Vlada claimed that no one from Kylie's team had contacted her before or after the incident, and that the lack of crediting was tantamount to theft. Speaking to Refinery 29, she said:

Crediting artists is essential, but this goes beyond that. It's theft. This is our livelihood. I see these things happen too many times to artists. We are all trying to make it, and this business is extremely competitive. I would ask anyone at this level use the proper channels to obtain images.

And people were also quick to notice that the logo used on Kylie's lip kits bore a striking resemblance to images posted by Vlada – specifically the open mouth dripping with lipstick.

In fact, Vlada first shared an image like this two years ago.

And since then has regularly posted variations on this theme.

But now Kylie has been hit with fresh new "copying" claims. Yesterday, she shared this image on Instagram to promote her new festive collection.

However, the concept looks very similar to this photo, shared by Vlada back in September.

And people were quick to notice the similarity.

And then Vlada shared a side-by-side comparison of the two images on her Instagram, asking, "Haven't you gotten enough 'inspiration' from me already?"

However, some people have jumped to Kylie's defence.

And suggested that the similarity between the images was most likely coincidental.

Over to you, Kylie.

BuzzFeed has contacted Kylie Jenner's representatives for comment.