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    This Is Proof That All Celebrity Men Should Grow A Beard Immediately

    Beards make everything better.

    It's come to our attention that all celebrity men look approximately 1,000% more attractive with a beard.

    And NO, we're not exaggerating.

    1. You thought Tom Hardy was hot before, right? Well, look at him with a beard.

    1,000% times more attractive, right?

    2. Oh hey, beardy Chris Pine.

    1,000% times more attractive.

    3. BEARD. BITCH.

    4. See how the beard actually brings out these beautiful blue eyes?

    5. We genuinely thought it was impossible for Jamie Dornan to be any more attractive. Then one day he was like, "I'm going to take my hotness to stratospheric new levels," and a new beard was born.

    And we are eternally grateful for this thought process.

    6. Scott Disick + beard = chiselled perfection.

    7. Gary Barlow has reached peak physical attractiveness with the addition of his beard.

    8. There's just too much incredible jawline to handle here.

    9. Thank you, god, for blessing Michael Fassbender with the ability to grow a beard.

    10. And also Prince Harry.

    11. AMEN.

    12. Chris Hemsworth, please do not ever purchase a razor.

    13. That goes for you too, Bradley.

    14. Please just stay this way forever, Paul Rudd. <3

    15. Because if you haven't got the message, beards are basically everything, aren't they, Gerard Butler?

    16. They have the power to change your face, don't they, Ian Somerhalder?

    17. OMFG.

    18. We'll take the stubble rash, Ashton, it's FINE.

    19. Let us caress your face, Jude.

    20. You too, James Franco.


    22. Aaaaaaaand we're dead.