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This Could Be How Celebrities Are Altering Their Instagram Photos

We put the app to the test.

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There have been numerous instances of celebrities appearing to have altered their Instagram photos over the past year.

The trend began with these photos from Kim Kardashian and Blac Chyna 15 months ago.

It was easy to spot that something was amiss with these images because of the distorted floor and doors in the background.

The doorframe has a very obvious curve. Distortions like this are commonplace in digitally retouched images and are usually the giveaway that Photoshop or something similar has been used. The distortion also occurs around Kim's torso, which usually happens when waistlines are digitally altered.


But then there were instances where distortions weren't visible. But, when comparing the differences between celebrity Instagram photos and paparazzi shots from the same day, it became apparent that some form of app may have been used.

For example, these two photos of Kim Kardashian – first from her Instagram and second from photographers – were taken on the same day.

And her waist looked slightly wider and less smooth during her red carpet appearance compared with this into-the-mirror selfie.


Then Kylie Jenner posted this selfie, and plenty of commenters drew attention to the differences between this photo...

Well, we found what appears to be the app that celebrities could be using so that we could see if it really is possible to alter selfies in this way.


So, I decided to be a celebrity for the day, download the app, and get my pose on.

The first thing I tried was slim myself down carelessly in order to see whether those distorted shapes in the background of celebrity Instagrams could be caused by the app. Here I am in my ~before~ shot.

And, sure enough, as I pinched the sides of my waist and legs to make them appear slimmer, the wall behind me and the mirror frame bent completely out of shape.

BuzzFeed / Ellie Woodward

I quickly learned that unless you don't give a fuck about distortions in the background, you have to use the "Reshape" and "Refine" functions very, very carefully. I sat, hunched over my phone slowly pinching the photo into shape because just one bad move distorts the entire image.


Well, the answer was yes. As I got the hang of using the tools, this was the result.

BuzzFeed / Ellie Woodward

I used the "Reshape" tool to pull in my waist, and then used "Refine" to make my shoulders appear narrower and my arms slimmer, all while managing to not distort the background.


Next, I addressed my inability to ever look ~~flawless~~ in a selfie.

I debated whether this was down to my lack of access to a makeup artist, gallons of foundation, or any idea how the fuck to contour, or whether it was actually down to never digitally altering my features.


Because celebrities, especially the likes of Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner, systematically look completely blemish-/wrinkle-/any normal human imperfection–free.

So, I posed for my selfie to find out if this level of flawlessness could be achieved with the app.

BuzzFeed / Ellie Woodward

Now, I'm not afraid to say, that as a result of wine consumption, skimping on sleep, and suffering the effects of regular hormonally induced breakouts, my skin always tends to look dehydrated and uneven.


So, I played around with the "Smooth" and "Smoother" functions, which do exactly as the names suggest. And this was the result.

BuzzFeed / Ellie Woodward

Using these functions, I was able to stroke the surface of my skin, removing imperfections like the gigantic spot that reared on my forehead specifically for this photo shoot, the bags under my eyes, and the masses of freckles that no amount of foundation will cover.

And here's what I looked like after a bit of smoothing out.

BuzzFeed / Ellie Woodward

My boyfriend was less impressed as I giddily showed him the new, improved me, telling me I looked like I was wearing a mask and didn't look like me at all. Which, I suppose sums up the whole thing – you can pretty much change your entire face and body with this app but it isn't ~real~.

However, it made me wonder whether this is how Kim Kardashian and others achieve their flawless skin in Instagram selfies.

After all, Kim, as well as numerous other celebrities, have spoken out time and time again about the pressures they feel to appear perfect at all times.

It's pretty clear that this app can be used to drastically alter your appearance.

Whether it's this app that celebrities are using or something else entirely remains to be seen, but either way, I think I'll be going back to good old Instagram and my trusty Amaro filter and leaving the rest of it to the celebs.