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    This Celeb Tore Up Her Wedding Dress And Covered It In Fake Blood After Her Divorce

    That's one way to get one over on your ex, I guess.

    It's safe to say that things have turned pretty messy between Millie Mackintosh and Professor Green since they ended their two-and-a-half-year marriage in February.

    Ian Gavan / Getty Images

    She reunited with her ex-boyfriend Hugo Taylor within two months, and when pictures of Millie looking slightly worse for wear appeared, Professor Green couldn't resist a subtweet. 👀

    Oh, and just a couple of weeks ago Professor Green released his new album, featuring a song, "One Eye on the Door", that had a few choice lyrics about Millie.

    Professor Green revealed at the time of writing the song that the lyrics were about his relationship with Millie: "Me and the Mrs we're getting along / til I do something wrong and it's another domestic / People wanna know what my life's like / Behind closed doors what my wife's like / It gets crazy in bed we watch a couple episodes of a boxset and then it's night night / When she hears this shit, it's lights out / I'll probably get kicked out of my house / til I come back with a brand new Chanel bag / One minute it was 1 the next it was 6 / Shit I'm dead / I don't know where the time went / Where's my phone? / Shit 61 missed calls, a divorce is on the cards if I don't split."

    However, up until now, Millie has remained silent on the subject of her divorce. But it seems she used Halloween as her opportunity to give Professor Green (real name Stephen Manderson) a taste of his own medicine.

    She showed up to a party in the £1,500 wedding dress she wore for her reception – but it was torn up and covered in fake blood.

    And she looked pretty happy about the situation.

    An onlooker at the party revealed that Millie was allegedly "joking" about being "glad to have finally found a good use" for the dress.

    We guess it's back over to you, Pro Green.

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