This Celeb Took The Son She Thinks Is Autistic On TV And People Have A Lot Of Thoughts

    Danielle Lloyd suspects that her son Harry has Asperger syndrome, and hoped the TV appearance would raise awareness of the condition.

    Earlier this month, former model Danielle Lloyd revealed that she suspects her 6-year-old son Harry has Asperger syndrome, a form of autism.

    After making the confession, Danielle and Harry were invited on This Morning, where she spoke about Harry's behaviour in a bid to raise awareness of the condition.

    She went on to elaborate on the help she's seeking for Harry.

    People quickly took to social media to criticise Danielle for putting Harry on TV.

    And said she shouldn't have stated that Harry was "different" during the interview.

    Others accused her of attention-seeking.

    In other tweets that have since been deleted but captured here, Danielle was told that her TV appearance was a "new low".

    And that Harry shouldn't have been involved in the interview.

    But it wasn't long before Danielle began answering back to the trolls. In response to the person who told her she'd reached a "new low", Danielle had this to say.

    And she shut down the suggestion that she should have "left Harry out" of the interview, too.

    She also said Harry "knows he is different".

    And reiterated her intention to raise awareness with this Instagram caption.

    There were plenty of positive comments, praising Danielle for speaking out.

    @thismorning @MissDLloyd Lovely to see your gorgeous boy on this morning and spreading awareness. Keep fighting for…

    Well done @MissDLloyd for her appearance on This Morning. And what a beauty Harry is. Awareness is key. 💙💙💙

    So glad that @MissDLloyd has spoken out about asd.. there isn't any support out there & people are ignorant to it! 💗

    Just seen @MissDLloyd on @thismorning really good to see her raising awareness on such a important issue.. keep up the good work

    Some people even shared their own experiences.

    @MissDLloyd going through the same with my 4 year old, it's definitely a long road but wouldn't change him for the world💙

    @MissDLloyd I think as a Mum you have that maternal instinct that there is something different. Going through similar with my 6 year old x

    @thismorning @MissDLloyd @Autism My son was diagnosed aged 7. We had lots of times during outings where people woul…

    All of which has left Danielle feeling "overwhelmed" by the support.

    Overwhelmed by all the messages of support from people and hearing all your stories about your own children makes me realise why I spoke out

    You can find out more about autism syndrome here, and Asperger syndrome specifically here.