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This Celeb's Getting Divorced For A Third Time And Her Love Life Is Dramatic AF

Seriously, you could not make this drama up.

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To say her life has been dramatic would be an understatement. Last week, however, Katie made a shock announcement: She's getting divorced for a third time. So, without further ado, let's take a look back at all the drama that's led to this point.

Katie met her first husband, Peter Andre, on I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here! in 2004. They married a year later in a pretty spectacular ceremony.


The couple also had two children together – Junior, born in 2005 and Princess Tiaamii who arrived in 2007.

Their marriage unfolded extremely publicly, with nine separate seasons of reality shows dedicated to their relationship. They were everywhere, everyone was obsessed, they were the nation's favourite couple.


So, when they announced their divorce in May 2009, it was a Big Deal. However, despite the marriage unfolding in a blaze of publicity, we still don't actually know the reason for their split.

In fact, they both have very different explanations for the divorce. Shortly after the split, Katie gave an interview in which she claimed Peter called off their marriage when he saw photos of her on a night out in Bristol.


Peter didn't trust Katie when she drank, so they'd made a pact never to go out without each other. However, Katie broke the pact by going out in Bristol with some friends after a work trip. The group included Katie's horse-riding instructor, Andrew Gould. Peter was suspicious of their relationship, and had accused her of having an affair with him several times towards the end of their marriage. Katie claims that Peter ended their relationship over the phone when he saw the photos of her drunk in a club, flirting with other men.

Peter, however, vehemently denied that this was the reason for the split. He said that "something big" had happened, but refused to elaborate further for the sake of their children.

He said:

Katie said the reason I left her was because I'd seen pictures of her in nightclubs flirting with other men and presumed she'd cheated on me. That is not the truth. Those pictures were not the reason I left Katie. I would never end a marriage over something small, or little things building up. Something big happened, which I won't reveal as I don't want my kids reading it. But when I tell them, I'll reveal what actually happened. Katie knows 100% the reason why I left her, and I am 100% sure that what happened definitely did happen.


Three months into their relationship, Katie outed Alex as a cross-dresser with an alter-ego called Roxanne. She incorporated this detail into the launch of her new book, where she posed for photos surrounded by her closest male friends – including Alex – dressed in some of her most iconic outfits.


Months later, she'd reveal in her autobiography that her reason for their divorce was Alex's cross-dressing and sexual preferences.

She wrote:

Think of the most disturbing porn you could imagine, and times that by ten. Only then are you getting close to what I witnessed and what Alex wanted me to join in with. By the time we split up, his sleazy sordid behaviour had left me feeling disturbed, vulnerable and frightened.


Katie wrote:

Alex lost himself in the depraved world of Roxanne and turned my bedroom into a sex dungeon with porn playing, sex toys everywhere. My husband, dressed up in stockings, suspenders, heels, makeup and a wig, had tied a strap-on dildo to my dressing table. I won't describe exactly what he was doing. I'll leave it to your imagination. What I will say is that it was the worst thing I’ve ever seen. I can hardly tell you how disgusted I felt. It was gross, vile behaviour.

And, for months afterwards she detailed the minutiae of their sex life, including his penchant for receiving anal sex and using bottles of vodka as sex toys.


Since then, however, he's said he believes Katie "tried to destroy" him. He said:

I think Katie has tried to destroy me to be honest. I think she just got bored with me and saw me as a way of keeping her media profile up by being controversial. The truth is, I have never lied about Roxanne. But it was Katie who outed me and encouraged me to be public about it.


One month after splitting from Alex, Katie attended an Oscars party in LA. Here she met a man called Leandro Penna who became her next boyfriend, despite him not speaking a word of English.

Tim P. Whitby / Getty Images

He was from Argentina, she didn't speak Spanish, and they relied almost exclusively on Google translate.

But just six months later, Katie announced they'd split. At the time, she said the breakup was amicable. Leandro, however, gave an interview to The Sun in which he branded her "crazy."

He said:

I left her simply because she is crazy. Katie's brain is not wired right, or the wires don't connect properly. I don't know what's wrong with her. I was thinking it over recently and one day decided to pack my bags and leave. There was nothing else I could do. She was driving me insane.


She said:

The thing with me and Leo, it was all a sham really because he should never have come back. The best thing I did was get rid of him. I kept telling him to get out of my house and he was saying: "No, me stay." He didn't work and he'd wait for me to come home. There's nothing worse than coming home and someone's on the sofa just waiting for you.

There was another secret: Katie was pregnant with their first baby.

And, in August 2014, she dramatically gave birth to their son, Jett, eight weeks early during a family holiday in France. She and Jett remained in a French hospital for six weeks.

This will also become important later.

Three months after Jett's arrival, Katie became pregnant with her fifth child. She didn't realise, however, until six months into the pregnancy.

To make matters worse, she then discovered that the affair had started when she was in hospital after giving birth to Jett.

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They'd been having sex all over her house and in car parks, with Kieran refusing to wear a condom because it "added to the risk."

She immediately confronted her former friend which ended with Katie punching her in the face and knocking out her tooth.


Katie announced on Twitter that she was divorcing Kieran.

Sorry to say me and kieran are divorcing him and my best friend jane pountney bee having a full blown sexual affair for 7 months

And it then came out that Kieran had been having a second affair with another of Katie's oldest friends.

But after Kieran was diagnosed with a sex addiction, Katie decided against divorcing him. Instead, she paid for his rehab and counselling in a bid to save their marriage.

She also welcomed their second child, Bunny, in August 2014.


He explained:

The pain I went through was nothing compared to the pain Kate went through when I cheated on her. Basically after all the issues that have gone on between me and Kate, I wanted to portray her as a guardian angel. She has helped me through my troubles and I wanted to show her that I think she is an angel to me.

And almost two years to the day after Kieran's infidelity being exposed, the pair renewed their wedding vows.

But this didn't go smoothly. Before she walked down the aisle, Katie played guests a prerecorded message in which she detailed the extent of Kieran's betrayal.

The speech began:

Some of you are probably thinking, why are we doing our vows two years on. Some of you already know. Here's the long story shortened. Yes, Kieran this is probably when you'll want to do the walk of shame and wish the ground would swallow you up.


She went onto say that Kieran had "shattered" her heart.

Katie said:

But this is where you have to listen like a man and realise this is not what a man should have done. You shattered my heart into so many pieces. I can't find a number to define this, so here we go. When Kieran and I met, it was such a whirlwind. We fell in love and after five weeks we were married and I was pregnant. Crazy, I know. But you only live once. I really thought Kieran was the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. But I never expected what was around the corner. Kieran started texting my best friends three months after our wedding. Then, shortly after that, he started a 10 month sexual affair with my best friend. And as a double blow, he started seeing another best friend.

And she detailed the moment she discovered his affair with Jane.

She said:

So the whole time I was pregnant with Jett, until I was five months pregnant with Bunny, he was having an affair. I caught Kieran on the beach then, kissing my best friend. I watched them for 30 seconds before I pulled her, punched her and knocked her tooth out.

Katie also detailed the moment she found out about the second affair, before condemning her former friends to a life of hell.

She said:

It was like I was about to die. My heart was shattered. My confidence instantly broke down. Not only did I lose my husband, he was my love, my best friend, my soulmate. I also lost two best friends. Later, Kieran admitted to another sexual affair after a lie detector test with another best friend of mine. Never underestimate the Pricey. I believe in karma. I know their life is hell and long may that last.


But after renewing their vows, Katie revealed that Kieran was a changed man, saying that the "old Kieran" was now "dead."

She went on to say that staying with Kieran was the "best decision" she'd ever made.


So it came as just a bit of a shock when, last weekend, Katie announced that Kieran had been having a year-long affair with their nanny.

Katie revealed she'd found out about the alleged affair after checking Kieran's emails where she found flirtatious messages between him and the nanny.

She said

I was gutted. For a year I was basically paying her to fuck my husband. Kieran told me they were fucking all over the house for a year. They had sex everywhere except in our bedroom. They even did it in the kids' bathroom. When I confronted him I was crying, asking: "How could you do this to me again?"


She went on to describe him as a "monster" and a "predator."

Katie said:

He's a monster, a predator, and he got her into bed just like the others. He said they'd had sex a handful of times and then a handful became a year. It was always unprotected. I was absolutely gutted and I was crying and going mad, like a lunatic. I can remember shouting over and over that if I went off and hurt myself it would be his fault.

She said:

It's confusing because when I come home to him, I love him. But I don't deserve to be hurt. There's no future for us at the moment, he needs to get help. I tried my hardest the first time, but how many times do you forgive someone? I'm going to have to go through all this heartbreak again. I just don't deserve it.

And Kieran has now spoken publicly about the second affair, saying he feels "mortified" and "hates" himself for what he'd done to Katie.

Speaking to The Sun, he said:

Can you imagine how embarrassed I am about being a sex addict, mortified at admitting this? Sex is seen as intimate but when I do this, it's not at all. Katie is different at home to the celebrity you see on TV. She's vulnerable and I hate myself for what I've done to her.