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    Posted on Oct 29, 2015

    23 Things You Learn From Following Kylie Jenner's Instagram

    If you want to lie on your Mercedes and wear Spanx as shorts, you do you.

    1. Sometimes a girl just needs to relax with a drink, while wearing stockings and a wig with a fringe so long you can't actually see.

    2. When you need a nap, you need a nap – even if it is in the midday sun while wearing full makeup.

    3. There's no point taking a car selfie unless people can see you're in a Rolls Royce.

    4. Schedule time into your vacation to wear a snakeskin bikini and relax on a yacht.

    5. If you want to wear a gigantic feather skirt and hang out in a desert, you do that.

    6. And if you fancy wearing a sheer body suit and making gun gestures, that's fine too.

    7. Sometimes there are days when you just need to wear a monokini and fur boots while reclining on your Mercedes.

    8. And never forget that when buying birthday presents for your friends, only a $100,000 Mercedes will do.

    9. Sometimes the best Instagram uploads come from those moments you're caught unawares, bending over in an impossibly tiny bikini.

    10. Those and the times when you're just stepping out of your vintage convertible in knee-high leather boots.

    11. If you're going to catch a private jet, it's best to drive to the runway in your $450,000 Ferrari, gifted to you by your boyfriend.

    12. The best way to catch a few rays is reclining by your pool while wearing woolen shorts and a fur jacket.

    13. And once you've finished sunbathing, there's nothing that beats a stroll through the desert, dragging your fur coat behind you.

    14. Standing in a leotard while other people do your hair and makeup makes for the perfect photo opportunity.

    15. You must dress to impress at all times.

    16. And Spanx can legit be worn as shorts.

    17. And it's good to take things back to 2002 and wear your underwear above your tracksuit bottoms.

    18. Fried chicken is essential in-flight food for any private jet you're travelling on.

    19. It's important to keep a healthy distance between you and your fans.

    20. If you don't have carpet on your balcony you're doing it wrong.

    21. The true value of friendship can be tested by asking your pals to wear hats with your face emblazoned across them.

    22. $100,000 cars are good to drive, but better to lie on.

    23. And, finally, brand every mirror you come across with your name.

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