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    20 Things That Make Benedict Cumberbatch Smile His Heart-Breakingly Perfect Smile

    We're dying here.

    1. Hats.

    2. No, really, hats.

    3. Hats make Benedict very happy.

    4. Especially when he's wearing one while hanging out at the Chelsea Flower Show with his mum. <3 <3 <3

    5. Bow ties also please him.

    6. Wow.

    7. Glasses. Presumably because he knows they've increased his hotness by about 105% when we didn't even realise it was possible for him to be hotter.

    8. He also likes wearing a suit and going to the Oscars.

    9. (A brief interval for you to pause to take a moment just to die at the perfection here.)

    10. Open collared shirts bring him a kind of pensive happiness which is just as incredible.

    11. See?

    12. *Frantically fans self*

    13. He rather likes a cup of coffee.

    14. And proudly clutching awards.

    15. Also, annoying the paparazzi. Wearing a hat, obvs.

    16. Look how happy he is when he spots his fans!

    17. And when he's posing for a selfie!

    18. And hanging out with cabin crew.

    19. Or wearing sunglasses and braces. The perfect combo.

    20. And finally, saluting like an absolute boss.

    Benedict, we will forever worship your smile.