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31 Things Kim Kardashian Did In 2007 That She'd Never Do Now

It was a time for rollerbooting, eating cake in the club, and getting down with Lindsay Lohan.

1. 2007 was the year Kim Kardashian became a fully fledged ~celebrity~. It was a simpler time.

2. It was a time when Kim wore gold chains and massive hoop earrings and went rollerbooting.

3. It was a time when poses like this were commonplace.

4. It was a time when she said things like this.

5. In 2007, Kim was all about a good flat cap.

6. She enjoyed a nude lipgloss and white boots.

7. Back then, she partied with Lindsay Lohan.

8. Kim doesn't dance nowadays.

9. But back then, girl got down.

10. There's no chance Kim would pose with a cigar for literally no reason in 2015.

11. She definitely wouldn't do this.

12. And she certainly wouldn't eat cake in the middle of a club.

13. But remember the days when she used to hit people with handbags when they tried to ruin her getting-a-Bentley-moment?

14. Remember when she used to just hold random objects?

15. Like a lipstick that she definitely wasn't going to use.

16. Or a can of vitamin drink.

17. 2015 Kim would never get this excited over a snow boot.

18. Or do whatever's going on here.

19. She would never rock brown leggings and a waist belt.

20. She wouldn't be reduced to holding the silver bag while Paris Hilton had the gold one.

21. And frankly this would never, ever happen nowadays.

22. So Kim, this is a plea.

23. Bring back the layering.

24. You rock that silver jewellery.

25. Answer your Sidekick on a red carpet.

26. Flip the bird more often.

27. The world needs more of this.

28. It's sad that the Kardashians no longer wear co-ordinating satin.

29. And it's a shame that these shades were binned.

30. Still, at least there is one thing from 2007 that has stood the test of time.

31. <3 you, Kim.