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    Posted on Oct 6, 2015

    22 Things Celebrity Couples Do In Life That Normal People Couldn't

    If we tried these things we'd probably be banned from Instagram for life.

    1. Have your husband help direct a photoshoot in which you wear stockings and sit on a pile of dirt.

    2. Pose for this photo and then ask Instagram to judge who has the best butt.

    3. Hire out an entire cinema just to watch a film together, because why the hell not.

    4. Swig from a bottle of champagne while your boyfriend brandishes a gun.

    5. Get semi naked, put on some thigh-high boots and lie intertwined while someone takes photos of you.

    6. And for the pièce de résistance, wrap your legs around him while he grabs your butt.

    7. Alternatively, get completely naked, embrace each other passionately while someone captures the moment.

    8. Share a photo of your wife waiting for your two dogs to hop on board the private jet.

    9. And once you're on it, take a selfie and tell everyone you've visited "three countries in one day".

    10. Hang out together on a giant inflatable swan, floating around your gigantic infinity pool.

    11. Pose for a photo after winning six Grammys between you, because you're badass AF.

    12. Share a bath with your wife, put your feet on her boobs and then share the romance with the world.

    13. Everything happening here.

    14. I mean, what?

    15. Put your tongue directly into your new husband's mouth, because YOLO.

    16. Tell your husband you want to go for an Italian meal for your birthday and have him fly you to ACTUAL ITALY where dinner is set up in your hotel room.

    17. Share a snap of your husband and daughter preparing to board a private jet.

    18. Have your husband place his hand on your butt long enough for someone behind you to take the perfect photo.

    19. Take a photo of yourselves pretending to be asleep.

    20. Propose by erecting poles spelling out "Will you marry me," then set fire to them.

    21. Alternatively, propose by hiring out an entire baseball stadium, a 50-piece orchestra, projecting the words "Please marry me!" on a massive screen and arrange fireworks to explode when she says "yes."

    22. And, finally, post a photo of your husband completely naked, just for the lols.

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