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These Celebrities Are Definitely Wearing Makeup In Their No Makeup Selfies

We woke up like this.

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1. Kim Kardashian.

This is Kim Kardashian's 'Good morning' shot.

But it looks like she failed to remove her eye-makeup thoroughly the night before.

Kim also shared this photo at 4 a.m while suffering from jet lag.

She's used the classic flattering technique of covering half her face with her hair, but it also appears that she's applied a touch of eye-liner before posing.

2. Kelly Brook.

Kelly Brook is a big fan of the 'I'm off to bed now' selfie.

But judging by this photo, she forgot to cleanse, tone and moisturise before retiring for the night.


4. Michelle Keegan.

Michelle Keegan is a babe, that's a well known fact.

But in her #nomakeupselfie, she's clearly rocking HD permanent eyebrow tinting. And this counts as makeup in our book.


5. Jessie J.

Jessie came under fire for this #nomakeup selfie, because she's clearly wearing eyelash extensions.

She took to Twitter to admit the eyelash extensions, but did maintain that she's not wearing lipgloss, saying her lips are naturally that pink.

6. Tulisa.

Tulisa shared this photo before showering after a gym session.

She captioned it, 'Natural selfie,' which is fine if 'natural' means potential eye makeup and foundation.


8. Lucy Watson.

The Made in Chelsea star shared this 'no-makeup' selfie, but within minutes was inundated with comments from followers saying she wasn't completely makeup-free.

Lucy was then forced to admit that it's not entirely natural, as she's wearing eyelash extensions.

10. Demi Lovato.

Hi curled eyelashes. Hi blusher. Hi lipbalm.


11. Khloe Kardashian.

Instagram: @khloekardashian

Khloe shared this as part of a confidence campaign, urging girls to express their 'natural beauty'.

She was quickly criticised for posting a photo in which she's wearing eye makeup and lipstick, with fans saying she should've posed for a totally natural selfie.

12. Miley Cyrus.

Miley's ready for bed, and that includes wearing mascara.

13. Luisa Zissman.

She might like us to think this is how she wakes up, but we're pretty sure she's got a whole load of eye makeup on.


14. Helen Flanagan.

Helen rocks the natural look before bed.

15. Lauren Goodger.

The former 'TOWIE' star shared this 'lazy Sunday no makeup' snap, but we're pretty sure we spy tinted eyelashes and lipgloss.

16. Kylie Jenner.

Twitter: @kyliejenner

Following in her Kardashians sister's footsteps, Kylie took to Instagram to show off her makeup-free face.

And while she's clearly ditched the foundation, there's no denying the eyeliner and mascara are still firmly in place.


But well done to Cheryl Cole...

Who let us in on her hungover appearance, posting this on Instagram with the Beyonce-inspired caption: 'I woke up like this,' which in this case was completely genuine.

And Lily Allen, for this beauty.

Girls, we salute you.