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There's A Wild Conspiracy Theory That Louis Tomlinson's Baby Is Fake

This is seriously wild.

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Louis Tomlinson became a dad to baby Freddie back in January.

Instagram: @louist91

Since then, Louis and the baby's mother, Briana Jungwirth, have kept Freddie out of the public eye and have shared only a handful of images of him.

However, One Direction fans have spent the past year cultivating a conspiracy theory that suggests the baby is either a doll or doesn't actually exist at all.

Ian Gavan / Getty Images

The theory links back to another long-running conspiracy, which suggests that Louis is in a relationship with Harry Styles. It's something both of them have forcefully denied on countless occasions.

However, this new theory, named "Babygate", is founded on the idea that the whole pregnancy, birth, and subsequent photos of Freddie have been faked in order to distract the world from Larry Stylinson.

And it is deep.


The theory goes as far back as May last year, when a Twitter account was created with the username @BrianaFacts.

Fans believe this account was set up by Louis's management ahead of the pair being photographed together two days later.

Two days later, Louis and Briana were pictured leaving a club together. Fans have tracked down a paparazzi video from that night, where at 29 seconds a paparazzo can be heard saying: "This one's for The Sun."

Sure enough, this was the image The Sun used on their front page when they confirmed the pregnancy two months later.

Briana's pregnancy was confirmed a month after this footage was taken, and two months after they were photographed together, on 14 July. Several fans have pointed out that confirming the pregnancy so early on, and before the "safe" 12-week mark that most celebrities wait for, is evidence that Briana was never pregnant.


The insinuation is that Louis had not posted the tweet himself.

@Louis_Tomlinson this is so modest louis always tweets a space between them exclamation marks bye

But it wasn't just the exclamation marks that created suspicion, but the time and wording of the tweet too. Briana Instagrammed an image of her with Freddie alongside the caption: "1/21/2016 Freddie Reign. Love of my life."

Instagram: @brianaashleyjungwirth

But then people began looking in more detail at Briana's photos and things got even more wild.


This user found this image of Roxetera holding a baby wearing blue, wrapped in a stripy blanket, from months ago...

Instagram: @roxetera

And compared it with this image Briana shared on Instagram.

Instagram: @brianaashleyjungwirth

Even the birth certificate has been disputed.

But things got even more complicated when the first photo of Louis with Freddie was released.

Instagram: @louist91

This second photo also sent everyone into a frenzy.

Instagram: @louist91

The first issue of contention was the fact that Louis' hair looked considerably shorter in the photo than it was when he was photographed at the time the image was posted.

This takes us back to the theory that Louis posed with one of AnnMarie Samson's babies shortly after they were born, when his hair was that length.

Many people have suggested that if it really was Louis in the photo, other tattoos (including the dagger on his forearm and the number 28 on his fingers) would be visible.

In fact, some fans think that the decision to have Louis shirtless in every photo of him and Freddie is a deliberate attempt to prove it is Louis because of his tattoos.

This Tumblr user has analysed three sections of the image, not only to suggest that it isn't Louis's face but also to highlight an issue with the tattoos.

The main thing troubling fans here is the size of Louis's hands. Several fans have overlaid other images of Louis's hands on to the image to show the difference in size.

And they've also tried this trick again to attempt to prove editing.

Paparazzi photos have been analysed to argue that the baby's eyes are always closed.

But by far the most uproar was caused by this image.

Instagram: @brianaashleyjungwirth