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Here Is More Evidence That Beyoncé Is Photoshopping Her Instagram Photos

You don't need to do this, Bey.

Beyoncé has again found herself at the centre of a photoshopping storm after she posted two new images to her Tumblr.

However, this image in particular has got everyone speculating over whether Photoshop or another image-altering app was used to slim down her (already perfect) thighs.

There is a visible distortion on the stairs just between Beyoncé's legs where the step appears to tilt up at a diagonal angle.

Distortions such as this are pretty commonplace when photo-altering apps are used.

The reflection on the side of the wall also tells a different story, with the step appearing completely straight.

Of course, people noticed this and vocalised it on Twitter.

Numerous other fans chimed in too.

It's not the first time Beyoncé has been accused of photoshopping her images. Just last month, this photo, which shows a distorted wine glass and phone around the side of her leg, appeared.

And back in April, these images showing her playing golf during a family holiday appeared on her Tumblr. First, she shared this photo:

But it was this second image, in which her inner thighs appear uneven and considerably slimmer than the first photo, that sparked Photoshop suspicion. Beyoncé didn't comment on the photoshopping rumours at the time.

And of course, numerous other celebrities have also ignited rumours of photoshopped Instagram snaps.

Beyoncé's spokesperson has been contacted for comment.