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    Katie Price Has Fooled Everyone Into Thinking She's Shared A Photo Of Her New Baby

    She's playing games again.

    Last night Katie Price shared this image on her YouGossip page, alongside the caption: "Sooo cute."


    It wasn't long before Katie, who gave birth to a girl two weeks ago, was inundated with congratulatory messages about how cute her new daughter is, and comments about how she bears a striking resemblance to Katie's other daughter, Princess.

    Twitter / YouGossip

    Only thing is, the baby isn't actually Katie's after all.

    She's playing games with us again.

    The image was taken by American photographer Carrie Sandoval in 2010.

    Carrie Sandoval / Via

    It's unclear where Katie found the image, but the photo appears on the photographer's website, and was taken in California in 2010.

    So now you know. And did we really expect Katie to not do a magazine deal? ;)

    Fred Duval / Getty

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