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    The Official Ranking Of Cheryl Cole's Best "X Factor" Facial Expressions

    In ode to her return. It's written all over her face.

    33. The 'I'm Going To Sit Here and Smile Perfectly While Rocking My Burgundy Lipstick' facial expression.

    32. The 'I'm Doing This Salute To Enrage Simon Cowell And I'm Loving Every Minute Of It' facial expression.

    31. The 'My Eyelashes Look Good Tonight Don't They?' facial expression.

    30. The 'I'm So Happy To Be Mentoring The Girls' facial expression of joy.

    Seen here in 2008, the joy was largely down to knowing she'd beaten Simon Cowell to the strongest category.

    29. The 'Oh Jesus, Why Is Cher Lloyd Buggering Up Her Judges' Houses Performance Because Now I Might Have To Send Her Home' facial expression.

    28. The 'I'll Try An Encouraging Wink To Get Cher Lloyd Back On Track' facial expression.

    And it worked.

    27. The 'I Wish Louis Walsh Would Stop Being A Douche Because I Want To Talk Now' facial expression.

    "You look like a young [insert tenuous link here]."

    26. The 'I Have Nothing Constructive To Offer On Your Terrible Performance' awkward facial expression.

    Seen here in two different, but equally awkward, forms.

    25. The 'I'm Being Scarred For Life Here' facial expressions.

    24. The 'After That Performance, I've Got This Series In The Bag' celebratory facial expression.

    Note, this one particularly annoys Simon.

    23. The 'I'm So Overwhelmed By How Amazing My Greek Goddess Hairpiece Is That I've Lost Control Of My Mouth' facial expression.

    22. The 'I'm Trying Really Hard To Hide My Feelings About This Performance, But I'm Failing Miserably' facial expression.

    21. The 'It's A No From Me' facial expression.

    20. The 'I'm Sassy And I Know It' facial expression.

    Made better by the addition of that massive hair.

    19. The 'I Have Intense Love For Jedward' facial expression.

    18. The 'Simon Cowell's An Idiot' facial expression.

    17. The 'Staring Into The Distance With Sex Eyes After Performing My New Single' facial expression.

    16. The 'I Can't Contain My Laughter At Your Attempt to Rap Mysterious Girl' facial expression.

    15. The 'I Want You Dead' facial expression.

    14. The 'I'm Going To Wipe Away My Single Perfect Tear And Make You Wonder How A Human Can Cry So Beautifully' facial expression.

    13. This facial expression can be enhanced with accessories, like a tissue...

    12. ...Or a cowboy hat.

    11. The 'You're Totally Mental' facial expression.

    10. The 'I Can't Even Cope With How Cute You Are, Seriously' facial expression.

    9. The 'I'm The Most Shocked I've Ever Been In Life Right Now' facial expression.

    8. The 'Uh Huh Girlfriend' facial expression.

    Could only be improved by Z-shaped finger snaps.

    7. The 'This Is My Epically Beautiful Smile' facial expression.

    6. This has occurred on numerous occasions...

    5. Here it is again.

    4. Hi dimples.

    3. It's girl crush overload.

    Moving on...

    2. The 'You'll Regret Saying That To Me Later' facial expression.

    1. And finally, the 'Most Amazing Facial Expression Of All Time' facial expression.

    Welcome back Chezza!

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