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The 14 Most Iconic Moments From One Direction's New Perfume Ad

Our ovaries can hardly handle it.

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1. When it starts like this and they're all wearing actual balaclavas.

2. And they do this ridiculously well-coordinated drop down from the ceiling.

3. And then Louis looks out from his balaclava with his piercing blue eyes that melt our souls.

4. When Harry pulls off his balaclava and the front of his hair goes floppy. <3

5. Then Louis pulls his off and he has really cute hat hair. <3 <3

6. When Niall gets undressed...sorry...takes his balaclava off really quickly.

7. And then Liam does this sexy squinting thing that makes us feel all kinds of emotions.

But mainly OMFG.

8. Before Zayn pulls literally the hottest face you will ever see in life, ever.


10. That lip-biting, though.

11. Then they all reach out to try and grab the perfume and Liam pulls the cutest face.

12. And Niall and Liam try to fend each other off in the cutest way possible.

13. And then Louis and Zayn hold actual hands and life is perfect.

14. But the most iconic, glorious moment of all is this. Savour it.

Well done, 1D. Well done.

Watch the advert in full here.

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