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    The 30 Most Bizarre Comments From Fans To Celebrities You Will Ever See

    'You're a hobbit'.

    1. This outburst.

    2. This assessment of Kim Kardashian.

    3. Also this one.

    4. This safety-conscious fan.

    5. These differing opinions on Justin Bieber's hat.

    6. This "inspiring" would-be husband.

    7. This enticing chat-up line.

    8. This fan's priorities.

    9. This self-assured fan.

    10. This message from God.

    11. This death request.

    12. This dedication to getting a follow from Harry Styles.

    13. This forward planning.

    14. This outburst.

    15. This expression of gratitude.

    16. This request.

    17. This threat.

    18. This display of chivalry.

    19. This observant fan.

    20. This proposition.

    21. Also this one.

    22. This over-sharer. And her mum.

    23. This interesting observation.

    24. This approach to DM'ing.

    25. This last-minute cancellation.

    26. This religious debate.

    27. This irresistible offer.

    28. This polite request.

    29. This promise.

    30. And finally, this measured response to Cher Lloyd's cuteness.