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    The Internet Has Reacted Hilariously To Kim Kardashian's Butt

    "It looks like a glazed donut!"

    In case you hadn't seen it, Kim Kardashian basically broke the internet by releasing this image on Instagram last night. Unsurprisingly, people had a few things to say about it.

    Things started off with references to just how shiny her butt was.

    The shower at Kim Kardashian's house has 3 settings: hot, cold and canola oil

    Thanks Kim Kardashian, now I’m worried that my arse isn’t shiny enough.

    Kim Kardashian oils up her bum she gets put on the front of a magazine but when I do it I'm asked never to return to Sainsbury's.

    A few comparisons were drawn.

    RT for Nicki Minaj FAV for Kim Kardashian

    Retweet for this glazed donut Fav for Kim Kardashian

    Here is a potato that looks like Kim Kardashian. "

    Kim Kardashian's bum; two-headed Bruce Willis. Uncanny.

    There were butt-related jokes.

    Kim Kardashian seems to be the butt of all jokes today.

    I avoid butting into celebrity stuff but Kim Kardashian sure looks like she has made an ass of herself.

    Kim Kardashian's has put all the jokes behind her.

    As well as ones involving Kanye West.

    If you google 'Kim Kardashian's arse' it's just endless photos of Kanye West.

    Struggling to think of a Kim Kardashian big ass joke this morning. So I'll just say "Kanye"

    There were some who speculated whether her butt is all natural.

    Surorised it wasn't @Photoshop who released the @KimKardashian arse picture this morning... Especially with all the work they contributed

    Is Kim Kardashian's butt real though? #unansweredquestions

    There were references to the Apocalypse.

    Kim Kardashian's ass is trending on social media. Can we have that Apocalypse now?

    I just saw Kim Kardashian's bare butt does this mean I only have 7 days to live?

    And it was inevitable that the sex tape would be mentioned.

    It amazes me how kim kardashian thinks pictures of her ass will shock the Internet considering she is literally only famous for her sex tape

    A lot of people made this observation.

    Kim Kardashian's ass looks like a glazed donut. And no, that's not a compliment. #BreakTheInternet

    @KimKardashian's ass reminds me of glazed doughnuts 😩😩

    Some people had interesting desires.

    I would like to nest on Kim Kardashian's ass and hibernate for the winter.

    Some people were just trying to write JavaScript here.

    Why is Kim Kardashian's oiled butt suddenly all over Twitter? I didn't ask for this, I'm trying to write JavaScript here.

    Others were just mesmerised.

    the more I look at Kim Kardashian's bum, the bigger and shinier it gets. It's like an optical illusion

    Then things took a slightly disturbing turn.

    I'm really sorry @edsheeran

    Obligatory Kim Kardashian/Kim Kardashian's arse faceswap.

    Is this too much? Guys, I’m sorry. Kim K, I’m sorry. #kimbutt

    Celebrities got involved. Naya Rivera was not impressed.

    But it's safe to say Kanye West thoroughly enjoyed the photo.

    And Kim now has an answer for people when they ask what her talent is.

    And they say I didn't have a talent...try balancing a champagne glass on your ass LOL #BreakTheInternet #PaperMagazine

    Well done everyone.