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31 Times Khloe Kardashian Just Did Not Care What Anyone Thought

There's a reason she's the best Kardashian.

1. When she dismissed Kim's troubles with a healthy dose of sarcasm.

2. When she gave this perfectly reasonable account of how she'd spent her day.

3. When she decided her time was better spent taking photos of Kim during laser eye surgery than lending sisterly support.

4. When she saw the opportunity for a sexual innuendo and ran with it.

5. When she said this to her mother, because Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―.

6. Oh and the other time she totally owned her mother because, Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―.

7. And of course, the time she answered the phone to her mother by saying, "Hi, Satan," in the biggest display of not giving a shit imaginable.

8. When she basically told everyone to SIT THE FUCK DOWN.

Khloe is queen.

9. And had absolutely no time for ~~heartfelt advice.~~

10. When she made this observation.

11. But was also happy to point out her physical imperfections.

12. When she used this term of endearment.

13. And every time she just couldn't even with her family.


14. When she totally nailed this comeback. πŸ’…

15. And gave absolutely no fucks about Kim's Vogue cover.

16. When she straight up told a stranger that Kris was born in 1922. πŸ˜‚

17. And made this incredibly valid point.

18. When she was the queen of accepting compliments in the most nonchalant of manners.

19. And casually discussed pelvic floor exercises over dinner.

20. When she basically said what everyone was thinking during Kim's personal photo shoot on a yacht on their family holiday.

21. Before perfectly addressing the fact that Kim is the favourite child.

22. When she gave this sexist comment the comeback it deserved.

E! / Via E! /

23. And if anything, then cared even less about her language.

E! / Via And if anything, gave even less of a fuck about her language.

24. Whether it was through unusual analogies.

25. Or life lessons.


26. Or just substituting the word "no" with this order.

27. But then there was the time when she didn't even need to use words because her facial expression just said it all.

28. When she just got straight to the point.

29. Just like when she gave this explanation during her anger management class.

E! / Via

30. And when she gave a brutally honest response to the "YOU LOOK AMAZING" comments.

31. But finally, this, which is a motto by which we should all live our lives.



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