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Things Get Even More Intense On "KUWTK" After The Robbery Episode

It involves Kim Kardashian hysterically crying after having flashbacks to the horrific ordeal.

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On Sunday night, E! aired the Keeping Up With The Kardashians episode dedicated to the armed robbery Kim endured back in October. And JFC was it emotional.


There were countless heart-wrenching moments – from Kim saying she'd "mentally prepared" herself to be raped and shot in the head, to the revelation that she'd been praying throughout that "Kourtney would have a normal life" after being forced to find her "dead body on the bed," as well as a super-emotional reunion with her children.


We then see Kris telling Kim that she needs to get professional help to deal with the events of the robbery.


This was something Kris also mentioned in the "Paris" episode, expressing concern that without some form of therapy, Kim could end up experiencing PTSD.

The next shot is Kim hysterically crying from another room, telling Khloé that she's experiencing flashbacks.


It was reported at the time that Kim was experiencing "flashbacks," felt "paranoid when she was alone" and "wasn't sleeping well," but this is the first time those reports have been confirmed.


The Kardashians are used to drama but this is next level – here's hoping they're all OK.


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