The 19 Most Hilarious British Tattoo Fails Of All Time

    When good British ink goes so very, very bad.

    Tattoos are permanent so it's quite important to get them right. Right?

    1. Sometimes tattoo artists just get bored on the job.

    2. Or you want sergeant stripes but the tattoo artist hasn't learnt how to draw straight lines yet.

    3. Sometimes tattoo artists do portraits of people despite apparently never having seen them.

    4. Like this.

    5. Sometimes it's a passionate love for a popstar that does it.

    Via Twitter: @mileycyruscarl

    6. Or dedication to a TV show, no matter how obscure.

    7. Or loyalty to a football club.

    8. Or opting for a wobbly silhouette of the Spice Girls.

    9. Or just extreme patriotism.

    10. Other times it's the decision to commemorate a special event. You know, like the 2012 Oylmpics.

    11. Or the Royal Wedding.

    12. Or deciding to honour favourite foods.

    13. Others go down the route of tattooing the lyrics of a meaningful song.

    14. Or a paraphrased motivational quote.

    15. Or a term of endearment.

    16. Or a slightly confusing crossword devoted to Westlife.

    17. Or just something really artistic, like an ice cream cone which incorporates Margaret Thatcher's face.

    18. Some fails occur when a nipple gets involved.

    19. Or through a simple lack of proof-reading.

    But it's not the end of the world... there's always excruciatingly painful and expensive tattoo removal.