Taylor Swift's Comments To Her Fans On Tumblr Are Just Perfect

    How is one human this amazing?

    1. For a start, she gives pretty incredible life advice.

    2. And she's told Tumblr that she deliberately does weird stuff JUST so her fans can gif her, which is just plain wonderful.

    3. It's pretty clear she's exactly like us – sometimes a bit insecure and in need of a compliment.

    4. She goes along with jokes based on the lyrics from her songs.

    5. And even shares the details of her beauty products.

    6. She gives feedback on her fans' levels of swag.

    7. And manages to literally list every small thing she's done on any given day, and still be ridiculously cute.

    8. She doesn't always know the Tumblr lingo, but when she does pick it up, she really goes to town using it. Bae.

    9. Like, she gets genuinely proud of herself for knowing these abbreviations.

    10. No famous person other than Taylor would share a cookie recipe. They just would not.

    11. As for her response to a small child singing the wrong words to "Welcome To New York," will make you feel like all is right with the world.

    12. As will the fact that she virtually hugs her fans.

    13. In fact, emotional Taylor is the best Taylor.

    14. Then there was the time when she laughed and cried and generally lost her shit at photos of herself.

    15. And the time she interrupted her hike to get involved in some random family's photoshoot.

    16. Don't even get me started on when she joins in on her fan's in-jokes. Like the one about her phone battery.

    17. Oh, and Becky. When she wore this T shirt it might just be the best thing that's ever happened to the Swift fandom.

    18. And in her own words, it'll never get old.

    19. She makes her fan's artwork her actual phone lockscreen.

    20. And invites fans to her house, poses in photos with them and then posts about it afterwards which is, frankly, awesome.

    21. And, finally, sometimes she saves photos JUST for Tumblr because she knows the people there will understand.