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    Taylor Swift Was Reunited With Her BFFs At The Golden Globes And It Was Perfect

    So many friendship goals.

    Taylor Swift has been jet-setting around the world following the release of 1989.

    Big Machine Records

    But last night at a Golden Globes after-party, she was reunited with some of her BFFs. First she hung out with Lorde.

    FilmMagic Jon Kopaloff

    Matching red lipstick FTW. 💋

    Then she spent a bit of time with Lena Dunham. These pictures make us feel so many things.

    FilmMagic Jeff Kravitz


    FilmMagic Jeff Kravitz

    And then she posed for a group shot with Lorde and Selena Gomez and for those few minutes all was right with the world.

    FilmMagic Jeff Kravitz


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