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Drama Went Down After Taylor Swift Posted Then Deleted This Comment On Tumblr

And it's caused quite a bit of drama.

So, in case you missed it, Taylor Swift just dropped the third single from Reputation – a track called "Gorgeous".

However, a comment posted by Taylor about the song on Tumblr has caused a fair bit of drama. Here's what went down.

So, the song opens with a child saying the word "gorgeous."

Immediately, people began theorising about who the voice belonged to.

I think the baby's voice in Gorgeous is Taylor Swift when she was younger!! My heart! 💓💕🐍

Who's the baby at the beginning of gorgeous? Is taylor pregnant and hinting?

Explain us the baby's voice Taylor. Who's this? 😋 @taylorswift13 #Gorgeous

And then Taylor herself appeared on Tumblr to answer the question – by saying "300 people know."

The "300 people" is a reference to all the fans she's invited to her secret sessions over the past few weeks.

The comment immediately sparked anger among some fans who felt excluded.

taylor: 300 people know everyone: she's confirming some of the fandom are better than others .... what

Others accused her of favouritism.

While some said the comment had made them sad.

taylor, i love you, but you're literally creating hate in the fandom. 300 people know??? that was so . . . exclusive, why would you do that

All the commentary led to one fan who attended a secret session leaking the fact that Taylor had told them the voice belonged to Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively's daughter.

So it's confirmed the baby's voice at the beginning off #Gorgeous is Blake and Ryan baby girl James.

And then Taylor deleted her comment entirely, which relieved a lot of fans.

hfbksdbks taylor deleted the 300 people know’s what we deserve

But many jumped to her defense, saying it had clearly been intended as a joke.

And after she deleted the post, they became convinced the comment had been made in jest.

Others said she wouldn't have intentionally tried to hurt her fans.

While others defended Taylor by saying that she isn't obligated to do any of the things she does for her fans so they shouldn't take her for granted.

So now that's all over, let's sit back and enjoy "Gorgeous".

A spokesperson for Taylor has been contacted for comment.