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Taylor Swift Posted A Photo Of Calvin Harris For Karlie Kloss's Birthday And People Are Confused

"Taylor be like: happy birthday Kar — oh but look how hot my boyf is."

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Yesterday was Karlie Kloss's 23rd birthday, and her BFF Taylor Swift marked the occasion by sharing this photo of her boyfriend, Calvin Harris, with the birthday girl.

So much perfection in one picture.

Why would you post a photo for your best friends birthday and make your boyfriend the focal point of it? LOL IM SO CONFUSED

Some of my best memories have been with this girl Taylor says as she posts a picture of Calvin


But before too long, the jokes began.


Taylor promos Calvin more than she promoted style

People shared other photos of Taylor and Calvin together, with a birthday message to Karlie. 😂

Some of my best times are with her, laughing in the kitchen. Happy Birthday to the ray of light that is @karliekloss!

Taylor be like Happy bday Karlie love u


And pointing out the difference between Taylor's birthday message to Selena Gomez compared with Karlie's.

But then Karlie retweeted the photo with this message, making it clear that she wasn't at all bothered by the choice of photo.

So many unforgettable memories+baked goods+LOTS of laughs in that kitchen ❤️🍰❤️ looking forward to many many more!