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    The Song Taylor Swift's Performing At The AMAs Has A Whole New Meaning After Her Political Statement

    There's a lot to unpack here.

    Yesterday, Taylor Swift spoke publicly about her political views for the first time, announcing in a lengthy Instagram post that she'll be voting for Democratic candidates Phil Bredesen and Jim Cooper in the upcoming midterm elections.

    The response to her message was immediate. Fans and celebrities alike began posting supportive messages on Tumblr and Twitter, and the statement has already led to a massive spike in voter registration.

    Instagram: @taylorswift

    However, people have noticed several very interesting details relating to the timing of Taylor's post.

    Here's what you need to know.

    Last week, Taylor revealed that she'd be opening the American Music Awards on Tuesday night with "I Did Something Bad" — a track from her album, Reputation.

    At the time, this seemed like an odd choice. While the track is a legit banger, it's not one of the six songs that have been released from the album so far, nor is it her latest single, "Getaway Car." In the context of her political statement, however, it begins to make sense.

    Now, we all know that whenever a celebrity speaks out against Donald Trump or other members of the Republican party, the US president usually has something to say on the matter.

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    Among others, Trump has taken to Twitter to hit back at Meryl Streep, Alec Baldwin and Jimmy Fallon's denouncement of him.

    Well, Taylor's statement was posted 36 hours before the awards ceremony was due to start. People are speculating that this was deliberate, in anticipation of Trump responding within that time frame.

    And, of course, Trump did respond. When asked by reporters what he made of Taylor's comments, Trump firstly responded: "What'd she say?" before stating that he "liked her music 25% less now."


    Responding to the news, Trump said: "Let's say that I like Taylor's music about 25% less now, OK?" He went on to refer to the fact that Taylor specifically targeted Tennessee's republican candidate Marsha Blackburn's politics in her post, by saying: "I'm sure Taylor Swift has nothing, or doesn't know anything about [Blackburn.]

    But why is this significant? Because now that Trump has responded to her statement, the next words we'll hear from Taylor will be the opening two verses of "I Did Something Bad." Which go like this.

    Needless to say, fans of Taylor have been freaking out after making the connection.

    And have suggested that the lyrics and performance will now take on a whole new meaning.

    But those aren't the only lyrics that will take on a new meaning when Taylor performs "I Did Something Bad" tonight.


    Because since Taylor posted her political statement, many Republican fans have taken to social media to document themselves burning her albums and merchandise as they sever ties with their former idol.

    And the bridge of the song just so happens to go like this.

    Needless to say, people are freaking out about this too.

    Idiots are burning taylor swift stuff they already paid for and she’s literally gunna sing “go ahead and light me up” on Tuesday dsixkdmsk this is too good

    to all the ‘swifties’ burning merch because they don’t agree on taylor’s political views, you’ll hear her say ‘light me up’ tomorrow live at the AMAs. dang her mind 🤩#TaylorSwift

    But things don't end there. Because there's also the fact that Taylor released her statement the day after she finished the US-leg of her Reputation stadium tour. In Dallas, Texas. One of the most overwhelmingly republican states in America.

    As a result, people are suggesting that Taylor waited to post the statement until she'd performed in the city and reaped the financial rewards before announcing her voting intention.

    Taylor Swift revealing her political views after she finishes her Reputation Tour. I LOVE IT. Can’t “boycott” after she’s taken all your coins 😂😂 We love a scammer sis

    Especially since she went on to "like" a post on Tumblr which depicted her kicking a "Republican" in the face.

    The notion of Taylor "taking her money and running" is even more interesting when you look at these lyrics to her song, "The Lucky One," which appeared on her 2012 album, Red.

    While the song wasn't autobiographical at the time, it certainly applies to the situation now — a fact which hasn't gone unnoticed among her most ardent fans.

    But people also think the chorus of "I Did Something Bad" can now be applied to her current situation — and that perhaps she planned to perform this specific song at the AMAs for that exact reason.

    And people are praising her for taking control of the narrative.

    Today, everyone in the US will be talking about Taylor Swift’s post. Republicans will talk shit about her. Tomorrow, she is opening the AMAs on national television with “They say I did something bad, but why does it feel so good?” This, ladies and gentlemen, is big dick energy.

    Ugh, her mind.