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    People Think Taylor Swift May Have Split From Her Boyfriend Because Of This Small Detail

    What does this mean?!

    You know Taylor Swift, right? She's one of the biggest musicians on the planet, currently embarking on what will likely become the highest-grossing tour of all time.

    You may also know that she's currently dating British actor Joe Alwyn – and that a small silver pendant engraved with the letter "J" has become the symbol of their relationship.

    Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images

    Taylor appeared to explain the meaning of the pendant on the track "Call It What You Want," and it's been present around her neck for much of the past year.

    I mean, for real. It's like she never takes it off.

    Big Machine Records, Instagram: @taylorswift
    Instagram: @taylorswift, Big Machine Records
    Big Machine Records,

    She even included cookies in the shape of the necklace in the room where she meets fans backstage during her tour.

    The #RepRoom cookies have Taylor’s necklace with Joe’s initials. I’m screaming!

    However, the other day Taylor was photographed leaving her New York apartment while Joe was hanging out at Wimbledon. And there was one very key detail of her outfit missing.

    Splash News

    The necklace.

    Splash News

    Fans of Taylor immediately began freaking out, wondering whether this meant that she and Joe were ~on the rocks.~

    i know that a relationship isn’t based off a necklace but i really hope taylor and joe are okay 🤷🏽‍♀️

    So i need to talk about why taylor isn’t wearing her necklace with the J

    wait what is taylor not wearing her j necklace

    Some worried it meant they'd broken up.


    And began wracking their brains to work out the last time she was pictured wearing it.

    when was the last time taylor wore the necklace??

    While others were simply trying to calm everyone down.

    taylor not wearing the necklace joe means nothing. she wasn’t wearing the one i got her either and we still love each other

    you guys analyzing Taylor’s neck is so extra. Just because she’s not wearing the necklace doesn’t mean they’ve broken up. You don’t need to make something completely obvious all of the time when you’re in a relationship sndndjdjdjdbd

    everyone saying taylor and joe are no longer together because of her not wearing the necklace...don’t you think her mood would’ve been a little off during the concert singing songs about ..him

    But here's something to note – not only does Taylor have what appears to be a blank version of the same necklace...

    Big Machine Records

    But she also failed to wear it during her appearance at the Billboard Music Awards – so that's precedent, people.

    Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

    And given that she was wearing it on Instagram just a couple of days ago and has just returned from vacation with Joe, things are probably fine.

    A spokesperson for Taylor Swift has been contacted for comment.

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