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Here's Taylor Swift And Tom Hiddleston Hugging On Their Latest Date

The pair went along to a Selena Gomez concert, but only really had eyes for each other.

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Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston sent the world into a meltdown last week when they were photographed kissing near Taylor's home in Rhode Island.

WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston's romance sensationally revealed

The incident came two weeks after Taylor's split from Calvin Harris, her boyfriend of 15 months.

And even though Hiddleswift met and had a dance-off at last month's Met Gala, the romance seemed to come completely out of the blue.

I just woke up and Tom Hiddleston is dating Taylor Swift? Wtf?

I'm away for 3 hours and Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift are together? Wtf tom. Wtf.

tom hiddleston and taylor swift is such a strange concept lmao


Luckily, there were Swifties in the audience who Snapchatted every embrace.

Taylor and Tom at Selena Revival Tour in Nashville ;) #taylorswift #tomhiddleston

And while Taylor did a lot of dancing...