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    All Hail Harry Styles' Naked Chest

    For his chest is king.

    Harry Styles always looks hot. Fact. He sometimes wears shirts like this:

    Anthony Harvey / Getty

    But we all know that he looks infinitely more perfect when he wears a low-v t-shirt or an unbuttoned shirt.

    19. Let's start with a little bit of skin. Not really enough for our liking.

    Anthony Harvey / Getty

    18. The scarf here is a nice fashion statement, but the lack of naked chest is disappointing.

    Stuart C Wilson / Getty

    17. That's better.

    Stuart C Wilson / Getty

    16. Thiiiiiis is what we're talking about.

    Pascal Le Segretain / Getty

    15. Ohhhhh yeah.

    Steven Lovekin / Getty

    14. Oh hello, hint of tattoos, nice to see you there.

    Stuart C Wilson / Getty

    13. Just look at Harry and his perfect chest enjoying some popcorn.

    Stuart C Wilson / Getty

    12. Just look at those necklaces grazing his silky soft skin. Our fingers would do exactly the same if they had the chance.

    Suzan/Suzan/EMPICS Entertainment

    11. A low-cut shirt and a bandana and Oh My God all our dreams are suddenly coming true.


    10. Ohhhh, the hot sweats are starting.

    Jamie McCarthy / Getty

    9. Someone bring us a fan.

    Splash News

    8. Heart palpitations are coming, people. Here we can see BOTH CHEST TATTOOS.

    Ian Gavan / Getty

    7. Remember that time when Harry Styles wore his shirt half undone and stared into the distance like...

    Stuart C Wilson / Getty

    6. And then he walked around in his skinny jeans and a pair of shades and his shirt like this and everyone around him was just like, "Wow."

    Splash News

    5. And then he got his chest out at an awards ceremony and it was literally the best moment of our lives?



    4. Apart from the time when he went to Louis' mum's wedding and wore his shirt like this and it was basically everything?

    Seb / FameFlynet

    3. And another time when he went out like this and we wondered why he didn't just undo the three buttons left fastened on his shirt and rip it off to show off his body?



    Splash News

    1. We're dead. Actually dead.


    Thanks, Harry. The end.

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