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    24 Celebrities Who Prove Women Swear Better Than Any Man Could

    Swearing's unladylike is it? Look at all the f*cks I give.

    1. People have probably told you in the past that you're "too sweary".

    2. And that you should probably tone down your language.

    3. And when you swear in public you can just ~~feel~~ the judgement.

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    4. You've also been told many times that swearing is "unladylike".

    5. Which is total fucking bullshit.

    6. So fuck listening to those opinions.

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    7. Fuck all of it.

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    8. Rihanna knows you should swear more.

    9. So does Tina Fey.


    10. Because it's arguably the best, most satisfying way to express yourself. And you should be able to express yourself however you damn well please.

    11. And the idea that men can swear but women shouldn't is the most sexist shit I've ever heard.

    As is being accused of being a bitch when all you've done is speak your goddamn mind.

    Do men get accused of this? No they fucking don't.

    12. Are you really going to take that?

    13. Are you really going to pay any attention to the person who has interrupted you mid-flow to tell you to stop swearing?

    14. Oprah knows that sometimes swearing is the best way to deal with stressful situations.

    15. And in fact, sometimes these problems are so insurmountable that screaming "IDGAF" is entirely necessary.

    16. Because, for us women, sometimes swearing is the only way to get people to listen to your FUCKING IMPORTANT POINT.


    17. Especially when your FUCKING IMPORTANT POINT is about the fact that someone has been a total asshole.

    18. Amy Poehler knows that swearing isn't a sign of a "poor vocabulary".

    And Khloe Kardashian is being too much of a badass bitch to worry about what anyone else thinks.

    19. So use your swear words.

    20. Shove the word "fuck" into sentences when it doesn't need to be there.

    21. Put people in their goddamn place.

    22. Because the double standard that women shouldn't swear is ridiculous.

    23. People can be shocked and judgmental all they want.

    But ultimately, swearing to emphasise your fucking important points makes you stronger.

    24. And you give zero fucks about anyone who suggests otherwise.

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