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This Celeb Was Body-Shamed To Fuck By The Sun And Responded Perfectly

"My boobs are as a result of being pregnant and breastfeeding and I love them."

Not only is Stacey Solomon a singer, TV star, and mum of two, but she's goddamn gorgeous to boot.

But over the weekend she was body-shamed to oblivion by The Sun.

The newspaper published an article comparing Stacey's body with that of Louisa Johnson, who won the last series of The X Factor.

The main focus of the article was the difference between their boobs, with Stacey's being described as "sinky pinky" and Louisa's as "perky".

The text of the piece read:

X Factor stars show it’s a case of sinky pinky and perky with contrasting bikini styles.

Stacey, 26 who finished third on the 2009 series of the talent show, seemed to have trouble keeping hers on while on holiday in Ibiza. Meanwhile, last year’s winner Louisa, 18, showed how it should be done while on a break in LA.

And the caption next to the image of Stacey was pretty brutal as well.

People were not impressed.

If @StaceySolomon can get body shamed with that banging body, what hope is there for any of us!! #looksfab #gogirl

So Stacey wasted no time in defending herself, saying she loves her body and reminding everyone that she has had two children.

I LOVE MY BODY @TheSun My boobs are a result of being pregnant & breast feeding & I love them. I Am just as sexy! πŸ‘™

She then shared a lovely picture of her with her two sons, Zachary and Leighton.

πŸ’› ur comments so much. It Means a lot. currently swinging my saggy maggies around the pool on holiday with these 2πŸ’™

And people were quick to praise her for making such a dignified response.

@StaceySolomon The world needs more tweets like this! You are brilliant Stacey, stay awesome and powerful πŸ’–

shout out to @StaceySolomon for not rising to @TheSun by trying to bring down louisa in retaliation πŸ’˜ #eliminategirlhate

@WendyPinder @KRihanoff @TeamRihanoff @StaceySolomon @TheSun They should b ashamed well said ! Gutter press as usual, she looks lovely 😊

Go Stacey. πŸ’–