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    So Kim Kardashian Is Now Doing Waist Training

    Just. Why?

    If there's anyone who has an incredible hourglass figure, it's Kim Kardashian. Here's the proof:

    Jason Merritt / Getty

    But she's revealed on Instagram that she is now waist training.

    Waist training involves wearing an undergarment similar to a corset, in order to cinch in and permanently reduce the size of your waist over time.

    The process involves wearing the corset for a short period of time at first, before increasing use. Some people even sleep in it.

    It seems that Kim is using a fitness waist trainer, which manufacturers claim work by compressing your core and increasing perspiration.

    It's not clear whether Kim is waist training outside of the gym too. But we hope not, because SERIOUSLY, JUST LOOK AT HER.

    Jason Merritt / Getty

    Is this the body of a woman who needs to slim her waist down?

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