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Rihanna Shut Down A Guy Who Claimed To Be Dating Her In The Best Damn Way

She said she'd never even met him. Awkward.

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So it was pretty surprising when NBA star Matt Barnes gave an interview to TMZ in which he hinted that he's dating Rihanna.

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"Rihanna is my friend right now so we'll see where it goes," he said. But when asked whether there was a ~romantic future~ for the pair, he said: "Possibly, possibly. I think it's just past the crush stage. Just a little bit though." And when he was asked how they'd manage a long-distance relationship, he responded: "She's rich. We'll be alright."

But now she's now taken to Instagram to shut the rumours down in the most Rihanna way possible.

She shared a screengrab from the video interview alongside a bunch of hashtags in which she claimed to have never even met Matt, let alone be dating him. She ended the rant with the hashtag "#DefamationOfCharacter". Yikes.