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It Seems That Kylie Jenner Is Morphing Into Kim Kardashian

And here's the proof.

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But recently, it seems Kylie is getting her style inspiration from very close to home, with her appearing to have morphed into her half-sister Kim Kardashian.


But now, Kylie is stepping out in very similar ensembles to ones worn by Kim months earlier.


And just two weeks ago, Kylie posed for a photo in her workout gear, in front of the large mirror in Kris Jenner's hallway.

In an almost identical replica of Kim's selfie from five months ago.

And how about this black bikini selfie?

Well, it's not worlds apart from this one posted by Kim a year ago.

In fact, Kim has always been a fan of the into-the-mirror bathroom selfie.

Something that Kylie has been channeling of late.

And of course, when Kylie posted this snap two months ago...

Commenters couldn't help but draw similarities with this, now infamous, belfie Kim posted in 2013.

And, if that wasn't enough to convince you, Kylie herself has even admitted that Kim's style has inspired her.