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Posted on Nov 24, 2014

Taylor Swift Got Over-Excited And Danced At The AMAs And It's The Best Thing

Taylor Swift dancing at awards shows is the best Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift recently explained that she used to get nervous at awards shows but now she's learned to just not care and enjoy herself, dancing along to her favourite performances even when she's not on stage.

Getty Images Frederick M. Brown / Via

She's previously said:

I used to get really nervous at awards shows because, seemingly, they're a huge pressure cooker. And everybody seems to be sitting there trying to look more unaffected by being at this awards show than the person next to them. A couple years ago I just decided, "No. This is the coolest concert you could ever go to. This is like all these incredible acts playing their biggest songs and I get to be front row and I'm going to dance during this because I feel like it – and not because it looks cool, because it doesn't.

And last night at the AMAs, Taylor well and truly enjoyed herself. In fact, she got all over-excited during her friend Lorde's performance. It was pretty amazing.

And she basically lost her shit and danced like no one was watching.

Then she busted out this move which was pretty special too.

Later on Jessie J got Taylor involved during her performance of "Bang Bang".

And then this wonderful moment happened.

Just LOOK HOW MUCH SHE'S LOVING LIFE. No one loves life as much as Taylor Swift at an awards show.

Love you, Tay <3

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