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    Selena Gomez Just Joked About Being Dragged For Her Met Gala Fake Tan On Instagram

    Nicely played, Selena.

    In case you somehow missed it, this year's Met Gala was held on Monday night, and Selena Gomez was in attendance looking predictably stunning.

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    However, because the internet is the internet, it didn't take long before some people noticed that she was a little more bronzed than usual, and began dragging Selena for her fake tan.

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    I hope whoever spray tanned Selena Gomez for the Met Gala is no longer working in the spray tan business anymore

    i bet selena gomez was counting in 123 mississippi in order for her to get that tan

    i wanna know what tan lotion selena gomez's makeup artist recommended her so i know never to use it

    Happy to say that I don’t think my fake tan has ever been as bad as Selena Gomez’s at the Met Gala

    If Selena Gomez can survive that horrible spray tan through the Met Gala I can survive finals week

    Well, never one to allow trolls to get to her, Selena has responded to the comments by showing she's well and truly in on the joke.

    Taking to Instagram, Selena shared this video of herself running away in her Met ballgown alongside the caption: "Me when I saw my pictures from MET 🤷🏽‍♀️"

    Nicely played, Selena.

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