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23 Secrets Ellen DeGeneres Has Actually Got Celebrities To Confess

Ellen gets all the tea.

1. Sandra Bullock once got so drunk at a party as a teenager that she ended up in the hospital having her stomach pumped.

2. She also likes to get penis facials.

In case you wondering, that's a facial which uses serum made from the foreskin of Korean babies.

3. The "craziest place" Amy Schumer has ever had sex is "her butt."

4. And she believes her husband's penis is the best part of his body.

5. Reese Witherspoon and Pink have both had sex in public places.

Pink's done it in a park, but Reese wouldn't reveal her location.

6. They've also both hooked up with people while there was someone else in the room.

7. Kate Hudson once caught Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell having sex.

8. And Kim Kardashian once heard Kris Jenner having sex, called all her siblings and put the whole thing on speakerphone.

9. Chris Pratt has a secret man crush on Tim McGraw.

10. And his favourite hookup line is: "Hey, you like money?"

11. The craziest place P Diddy has had sex is in Nobu.

He had to take over the bathroom to ~do the deed.~

12. Oh and he likes to be called "Daddy" in bed.

13. Simon Cowell is a member of the mile high club.

And the plane wasn't even a mile above ground before he got down to business.

14. So is Jane Fonda.

Jane was on her fourth date with Ted Turner when he asked her to join the club while on his private plane.

15. As a teenager, Kim Kardashian would cheat on all of her tests by writing the answers on the inside of her school skirt in washable ink.

16. Meanwhile, a teenage Khloé Kardashian once stole her mom's car only for her to park next to a woman who lit her husband's vehicle on fire after believing he was cheating on her, and Kris' car got caught in the blaze.

17. Jennifer Lawrence thinks Bradley Cooper is a better kisser than Liam Hemsworth.

18. Kendall Jenner is Trypophobic, which means she has a fear of objects with small holes in them.

19. Gwyneth Paltrow has used her celebrity status to get out of a speeding ticket.

20. Liam Payne would have pursued a career as a firefighter if he weren't a singer.

21. Jennifer Lopez has snuck a guy into her house while her children were asleep.

22. Justin Timberlake has hooked up with a Spice Girl.

23. And finally, George Clooney once forgot the name of the person he was hooking up with.

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