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The 21 Best Damn Celebrity Responses To Questions About Relationships

There are other things in life, people.

1. When Nicki Minaj was asked what she looks for in a man.

2. And then continued to nail her responses by explaining exactly what she DOESN'T want.

3. When Selena Gomez totally owned this response to questions about her breakup with Justin Bieber.

4. When Rihanna delivered this excellent reply with monumental side-eye thrown in for good measure.

5. When Mindy Kaling preached for all the single, independent women out there. 🙌

6. When Lucy Watson made her feelings about being approached by her ex-boyfriend very clear.

7. When Nicki Minaj put this interviewer in their place.

8. When Megan Fox was asked her opinions about women, dating, and being a role model, and said this.

9. When Kelly was all, "I'm happy alone, thanks."

10. When Kendall and Kylie Jenner were all, "We don't need a man, we have each other."

11. And Khloe Kardashian shot down all questions about why she'd broken up with French Montana.

12. When Anna Kendrick gave this A+ response to questions about why she's single.

13. When Charli XCX gave zero fucks about worrying what the men are doing in the music industry or in relationships.

14. When Katy Perry was asked about love, and she revealed the first rule is to LOVE YOUR DAMN SELF ahead of anything else.

15. And Demi Lovato believes the same thing.

The smartest thing a woman can ever learn, is to never need a man.

16. When Selena Gomez was asked about men and she basically revealed her girls are more important.

17. When Taylor Swift managed to shake off this bizarre statement.

18. When Sam Smith realised that professional success has overtaken his desire to be with the man his multi-Grammy-award-winning album was about.

19. When Nina Dobrev reminded everyone that happiness shouldn't be dependent on or defined by a relationship.

20. And Taylor Swift revealed she believes the same thing.

21. And finally, when Rihanna gave the perfect response to this sexist question.

Slay, RiRi.