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Sarah Paulson Opened Up About Her "Unconventional" Relationship With Holland Taylor

She said she hopes the relationship might inspire people living in fear of judgement.

Ever since they announced they were together in 2015, Sarah Paulson's relationship with Holland Taylor has attracted endless attention, mainly due to the 32 year age gap.

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Sarah is 43 while Holland is 75.

However, it's clear to see the pair adore each other.

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And now Sarah has opened up about the relationship, describing it as "unconventional," and stating that she had no "choice" in the matter of falling in love.

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Speaking to W Magazine, Sarah said: "I didn't choose to fall in love with the person I fell in love with. But I think why it's interesting to people is that, on paper, it's unconventional."

But Sarah went on to say that she hopes her relationship may "inspire" other people who are living in fear of being "misperceived or judged."

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She said: "For a person who might find themselves in a situation that they fear will be misperceived or judged, maybe they could see me living my life in a way that is authentic to me—just trying to be as real as possible. If that inspires anybody else, that can't be a bad thing."

It's not the first time Sarah has expressed hope that her relationship might help others.

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Speaking to Town and Country earlier this year, Sarah said: "My choices in life have been unconventional, and that's my business. But I do want to live responsibly and truthfully without hiding. It's complicated, because there is a lot of hate in this world, and a lot of good can come from quote-unquote normalising something for people who don't see it as normal. Our relationship represents a certain amount of hope and risk. Maybe there's something brave in it. Maybe it encourages others to make brave choices. What else can I say? We love each other."

And she also added that she pays no attention to opinions or speculation about the relationship.

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She said: "If anyone wants to spend any time thinking I'm strange for loving the most spectacular person on the planet, then that's their problem. I'm doing just fine."

Go Sarah.