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Sam Smith Spent The Grammys Hanging Out With A-Listers

And he had the best time.

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So Sunday evening at the Grammys was, in his own words, the best night of Sam Smith's life. Mainly because he walked away with four gongs. Here he is, proudly holding them as they gleam in his arms.

Getty Images Frazer Harrison

However, we wouldn't mind betting that another reason for this being THE BEST NIGHT EVER is because Sam spent the evening mingling with mega A-List stars – and he fit in pretty perfectly.

Here he is hanging out with Rihanna and The World's Largest Dress.

WireImage Kevin Mazur

And then she planted a kiss on his cheek and he was all, "Yeh, this happens all the time, NBD."

WireImage Kevin Mazur

Then he had a deeply affectionate hug with Mary fricking J Blige.

Getty Images Kevork Djansezian

Oh and here he is cuddling Paul McCartney. Because obviously.

WireImage Lester Cohen

They also posed for this photo together, and we wouldn't mind betting that he is getting it printed off and framed for his mantlepiece as we type these words.

Getty Images for NARAS Larry Busacca

Then he stopped for a chat and a photo opportunity with Beck, who was just casually walking around holding his Grammy award.

"Oh, this old thing?"
WireImage Kevin Mazur

"Oh, this old thing?"

Then Sam Smith decided that one of his awards would be a good addition to this photo with Stevie Wonder and Jamie Foxx.

WireImage Mark Davis

Realising that he hadn't hugged anyone for a few minutes, Sam located Taylor Swift.

WireImage Mark Davis

And finally posed for this ridiculously cute photo. ❤️

WireImage Mark Davis