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Fans Are Devastated At Ryan Reynolds’ Response To “Spider-Man” Leaving The MCU

Ugh, this is all too much.

By now I’m sure you’ll have heard the shocking news that Marvel is set to part ways with Sony Pictures’ Spider-Man franchise.

Marvel / Sony / Disney

The controversial decision will effectively remove the much-loved version of Peter Parker played by Tom Holland from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


It also means that Spider-Man is definitely not going to become the new Tony Stark because they’re no longer part of the same franchise.


And it’s safe to say that fans are completely devastated by the news.

How DARE Sony do this to Tom Holland?! TO HUMANITY?! #SpiderMan

me never watching another marvel movie ever again because tom holland’s spider-man won’t be in any of them so what’s the fucking point

Live look at literally every Spider-Man fan right now

I think it's cool that Sony is carrying on its tradition of completely fucking up Spider-Man 3.

While Sony have spoken out about the situation, describing the decision as “disappointing”, none of the actors connected with the franchise have commented.

Alberto Alcocer / Getty Images

However, it didn’t take long before fans flocked to Ryan Reynolds — another actor from the MCU — to express their devastation and ask him for help.

Angela Weiss / AFP / Getty Images

Ryan of course plays Deadpool, and was behind a decadelong campaign to get the movie made.

One fan tweeted to ask Ryan: “Can we get a Spiderman & Deadpool movie now?”

And his response was pretty damn heartbreaking.

Fans were, of course, devastated all over again.

@VancityReynolds @ChaoticKing_ @TomHolland1996 IM GONNA FUCKING CRY

@VancityReynolds @ChaoticKing_ @TomHolland1996 “you can only see it in my heart.”

And begged him to “work something out”.

@VancityReynolds @ChaoticKing_ @TomHolland1996 RYAN PLEASE

@VancityReynolds @ChaoticKing_ @TomHolland1996 PLEASE WORK SOMETHING OUT KING

@VancityReynolds @ChaoticKing_ @TomHolland1996 can you fight sony for us spidey stans plz

@VancityReynolds @ChaoticKing_ @TomHolland1996 Ryan pls help us

@VancityReynolds @ChaoticKing_ @TomHolland1996 RYAN U HAVE MORE POWER THAN ANY OF US PLEASE DO SPMETHING

We’ll have to wait and see whether Ryan will actually do anything, but for now I’m going to go back to crying over all of this.

Marvel / Sony / Disney

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