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    26 Times Ryan Reynolds' Instagram Was Almost As Funny As His Twitter

    Seriously, give the man a medal.

    1. When he celebrated Christmas like this.

    2. When he roasted the shit out of every celebrity who's been rocking the tiny sunglasses trend.

    3. Twice.

    4. When he wished his brothers a Happy Father's Day like this.

    5. And when he marked Mother's Day like this.

    6. When he couldn't resist this innuendo.

    7. When he re-evaluated his life choices.

    8. When he made this clarification.

    9. As well as this one.

    10. And when he made this confession.

    11. When he made this joke.

    12. When he gave us this visual.

    13. When he went to Rome and made this observation.

    14. When he wished his co-star a Happy Birthday like this.

    15. When he was the ultimate fanboy.

    16. When he looked great but didn't feel it.

    17. When he revealed why he's such a good dancer.

    18. When he revealed this backstage secret.

    19. When he made this error.

    20. When he made a definitely edible cake.

    21. When he came up with the best lyrics for this caption.

    22. When he marked his brother's birthday with this message.

    23. When he envisioned his funeral.

    24. When getting his Hollywood star brought back memories.

    25. And, finally, when he trolled the hell out of Blake Lively.

    26. Twice.

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