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17 Rom-Coms That Are Actually Really, Really Good — Especially If You Don't Usually Like Them

If you thought they're all the same, think again.

We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community which rom-com they'd recommend to a person who doesn't usually like them. Here are the best responses.

1. Man Up


It's a hilarious and heartwarming rom-com that follows the story of a woman named Nancy who ends up accidentally going on someone else's date. It's not really like other rom-coms, but has enough of the typical scenes to keep it endearing.

— bethbee

2. The Decoy Bride

Isle of Man Film

It's set on a remote Scottish island, and the main character Katie, is sassy, smart, and sarcastic. It has so many great lines and slightly over-the-top plot points to make it memorable and enjoyable, even when watching for the third, fourth, fifth time...*cough.*


3. How To Be Single

New Line Cinema

The film follows the relationships and dating lives of four women and two guys. But it isn't totally centred around all of the characters finding dates and getting married. Instead, it shows us the importance of different forms of relationships, whether they're romantic, friendly or familial.

— lightheart16

4. About Time

Universal Pictures

It's a rom com but it's also a beautiful tale about family and the importance of enjoying life while you're a part of it.

— nickrose

Just when you think you have the plot of the movie all figured out, something unexpected happens. It's my favourite movie of all time.

— tigersarethemostawesome

5. My Big Fat Greek Wedding

IFC Films

Everyone I have suggested that movie to has absolutely loved it. There aren't a bunch of cheesy, unrealistic scenes, just a very believable story about two people in love, trying to plan a wedding despite being surrounded by a ton of meddling family members. It's a movie I can watch over and over again and crack up every time. It's especially relatable to anyone with a big family.


6. When Harry Met Sally

Columbia Pictures

It's so well written that it's a classic outside of being a rom-com. Most people will be able to relate to the characters at some point in their lives which makes it appealing to any audience.


7. The Proposal

Touchstone Pictures

I hate rom coms for obvious reasons. They’re all the same, they don’t depict women well AT ALL, and they’re all so damn predictable. If you're someone like me, I highly recommend The Proposal. The movie was directed by a woman — yay for female directors! — and centres on a high-powered career woman. The chemistry between Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds is super fun to observe, and if you stan on-screen Queens, you’ll certainly enjoy this rom-com.


8. Friends With Benefits

Screen Gems

Real. Honest. Funny. Sweet. You won't regret watching it.


9. She's Out Of My League

DreamWorks Studios

It hilariously addresses self-confidence in relationships and feeling like your partner is too good or attractive for you. It's raunchy, sweet, and so, so funny.


10. Going The Distance

New Line Cinema

You can totally tell that Drew Barrymore and Justin Long were in love when they made it. It's totally realistic but also funny — highlights include Jason Sudekis and Charlie Day as the worst wingmen and Christina Applegate as the judgmental older sister who’s description of receiving oral sex makes me howl every time I watch it.

— leannec4d4bfacbb

11. The 10 Year Plan

Cinema 175

It's about two best friends who are both gay and struggling in the dating world. One is the typical player who hooks up with anyone on Grindr and the other guy is a hopeless romantic who puts way too much effort in on dates. The movie starts after the hopeless romantic is stood up and the best friends make a plan to get married in ten years if they're both still single. The movie then fast forwards nine years and some odd months later to focus on the pact they made. It's wonderful and just so unlike any other rom com out there.


12. There's Something About Mary

20th Century Fox

It has a ratio of approximately 2% sap to 98% comedy.


13. Crazy Rich Asians

Warner Bros. Pictures

I am very vocal about how much I dislike rom-coms. If anything, they leave me depressed because they are often heteronormative, stereotypical, and kinda sexist. However, I LOVED Crazy Rich Asians. The locations are gorgeous and the costume design is simply stunning. It should be a crime for a cast this big to be this talented and really ridiculously good looking! I only cried, like, three times. As for the wedding scene, was it extra? Yes. But was it also regal and moving? Hell yes. Also, Representation Matters.

— Andrew Martin, Facebook

14. Say Anything

20th Century Fox

Yes it features the clichéd trope of John Cusack serenading the love of his life outside her window with a boom box, but it is filled with so many realistic aspects of relationships and love generally. It just leaves you feeling good and is bound to make you fall in love with the rom-com genre.


15. Sleeping With Other People

Global Road Television Entertainment

It moves beyond typical misogynistic rom-com tropes and is actually full of humour and wit.


16. High Fidelity

Touchstone Pictures

It's about a man who's just been dumped and revisits his old relationships to figure out why they keep going wrong. It's got everything: the Cusacks, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Jack Black AND Mike White, and it tells a story that doesn't commonly appear in rom-coms. In anyone else's hands, John Cusack's character would've been so unsympathetic, but he draws you in as he attempts to figure out how to be better at relationships.

— emilym4e8497a33

17. I Give It A Year


I usually don't like rom-coms as I find them a bit too cheesy but this one is hilarious. I've watched it so many times and it never fails to make me laugh — plus, the romantic parts aren't OTT either.

— j41174793a

18. The Holiday

Universal Pictures

This movie is funny, heart-warming, and actually surprisingly inspirational. You watch two women shed toxicity from their lives and truly discover themselves, while meeting people who make their lives better. Annnd on top of that, it’s a Christmas movie! Highly recommend!?


19. Rumour Has It

Village Roadshow Pictures

Jennifer Aniston and Mark "Kind Eyes" Ruffalo attend Aniston's younger sister's wedding only to stumble upon a family secret that shakes Aniston's identity. Great actors, a great soundtrack and again, Mark's kind eyes support a love story.

— jocelynhernandez

20. 10 Things I Hate About You

Touchstone Pictures

The protagonist, Kat, is not your typical rom-com girl and that's so refreshing! Plus, Heath Ledger!


21. To All The Boys I've Loved Before


It's a sweet, quirky and relatable rom-com. It's the perfect start for anyone who isn't usually into them — I'm pretty sure you'll love it.


22. Crazy Stupid Love

Warner Bros.

There's two great parallel storylines with a fantastic twist that blew me away. The casting is spot on, everyone has chemistry and it's a well-made, well-acted film that just happens to be a rom-com.

— j47159ef38

It’s funny, it’s sexy but it’s also poignant in that it deals with emotions and relationships at different stages in life

— hannahd4152b757e

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