Rob Kardashian Tweeted Kylie Jenner's Number And OMFG The Drama

    Just when it seemed like everyone was getting along, Rob claims his family failed to invite Chyna to her own baby shower – and took revenge against Kylie.

    When Rob Kardashian got together with Blac Chyna, there was family drama from the off.

    While the family didn't comment on the relationship at the time, the drama behind the scenes unfolded on the last season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

    As if the bombshell of Rob and Chyna ~going against the family~ by hooking up wasn't enough, within months they had announced an engagement and pregnancy.

    And that news went down like a goddamn lead balloon, too.

    So it's safe to say that there's a fair amount of angst between the two parties in this scenario. However, yesterday things took a turn for the absolute worst.

    Because out of nowhere, Rob took to Twitter to suggest that his family had planned a baby shower for him – but didn't invite Chyna.


    And it turns out that this wasn't a prank – it really was Kylie's number.

    Instagram has a function where it can search for the contacts you have in your phone. If you have somebody's number, and they have the contacts function switched on, they will appear when you search. People very quickly began entering the number into their phonebook to see if it was legit.

    Lol Kylie Jenner is literally in my ducking contacts I'm screamjng

    In fact, a lot of people tried it.

    can u believe i have kylie jenner in my contacts this day ended so unexpectedly THIS IS SO FUNNY IM CRYING

    And some people began texting and calling her.

    Mainly requesting lip kits.

    But also just wanting a chat.

    A source close to the family also confirmed to The Shade Room that Rob wasn't hacked either, and it definitely was him who tweeted the number.

    The number has since been disconnected, but we'd imagine the Kardashians are currently in Krisis Talks.

    Because the real issue here is that Rob and Chyna have gone in on Kylie on social media before.

    When Kylie launched a cooking show on her app, called Cooking With Kylie, Chyna, who had her own show, Cooking With Chyna, responded with this not-so-cryptic comment.

    Everyone was pretty annoyed.

    And Kim called Rob out on it.

    And her comments to him then are awkward AF in light of what's happened now.


    Roll on Season 13, tbh.